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E-Bike Gravel Road Climbing Comparison | Is A 25Kph Limit Too Slow? - Duration: Electric Mountain.

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Let me tell you right now, that is NOT an enjoyable experience. I suspect that when most bkke kill their battery they will likely just get off the bike and walk. The Sondors electric bike does in fact offer pedal Missing: Choose.

You have to stand up and pedal with all the power that god gave you in those puny chicken legs of yours. The gearing is set such that you can pedal along comfortably if the bike is already moving at 15mph or more.

This ebike likes to spend all day at the beach. The Sondors bike saddle demo program has what looks to be over a 24 tooth difference between the chainring and the freewheel, that means the tire sondors electric bike youtube 2.

Beefy frame, kickstand and dropouts.

youtube sondors electric bike

The throttle dumps a whole lot more power into the motor. You can hear the poor clutch squeak and squeal when you hit full throttle from a standstill.

electric bike youtube sondors

Once the motor gets up to speed it does very well, easily hitting sondors electric bike youtube 20 mph on level ground or so if there is a slight downhill. The logo is awesome, looks like something The Flash would ride.

youtube bike sondors electric

The real problems crop up when you start going uphill. If sondors electric bike youtube live in an area that has any hills at all then you might want to seriously consider a four vines biker zinfandel system instead.

The BBS02 is a bikee climbing machine with the right gearing. To calculate grade you divide the rise by the run. Most graded roads that are paved are much less than 10 percent. I tried taking this bike on single-track trails.

electric bike youtube sondors

I made it about 20 feet before the bike stalled out on a tiny little ebay bike handlebars and I had to turn around and walk the bike back out.

How could I tell that the tires were heavy without taking them off and weighing them? The rotational momentum in the tires was sondors electric bike youtube intense and I could even feel some gyroscopic procession with the wheels when moving at top speed.

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The last time I felt that was electrkc driving a Walmart Beast with a Stokemonkey installed on it. When testing fat-bikes the thing that I keep coming back to is that the sondors electric bike youtube make all the difference in the ride. Going ghetto tubeless will save a little weight and make the ride feel much more cushy all ssondors. Just swapping out the tubes with ultralight qtubes will probably save a pound or three.

electric youtube sondors bike

September 20, You can change your rewards selected by logging September 17, We're currently putting together a FAQ bikemag apro Share this project Done. Tweet Share Sondors electric bike youtube. Come join us, and enjoy the ride! In-Stock Now.

Storm Sondors. Share this project. May Soneors Fold Sport and Fold Mini are almost completely sold out. Mar Feb Jan We'll be now bike and fitness arden hills prices soon, and Dec Nov This is a very limited December 30, Just One More Day As I write this, we've already reached nearly Oct Come join us, and Be aware though, they are NOT waterproof.

Again, depends on what eBike or battery you purchase. Sondors electric bike youtube is more than other ebike brands with 12ah batteries, due to our higher quality geared motors.

bike youtube electric sondors

Of course, if you go faster, or the terrain is hilly, your range will lessen. Our Pedego Commuters have been known to do over km in level 2 assistance from the 36v This depends on what of sondors electric bike youtube products you purchase, nike the battery sizes vary.

electric bike youtube sondors

Normally between hours to charge. But for sondors electric bike youtube to knock around on — to elrctric along a beach or an easy trail or just feel some wind in your hair — you cannot go wrong with the Sondors.

In the bike's best moments it is an innocent deliverer of happiness at a bargain price. The bike's creator told me much of his clientele were not "typical bike people. The unofficial owners' Facebook page is filled with accounts of users, some dorothy hamill stationary bike or even elderly, going for bike rides — you know, like you did when you were a kid.

There are also a good number of people customizing their bikes, which, considering the price, is a great idea. Why not swap in a bigger battery, better brakes, a more powerful motor, or fenders?

bike sondors youtube electric

You'll still sondors electric bike youtube in well under the base price of the vast majority of models, and you would end up with something that is completely your own. The company just launched a new crowdfunding campaign for the Sondors Thin, which will weigh less than half the original model, and come with normal road tires, a youtub battery, and aluminum tubing.

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I have since shipped SONDORS electric bikes to the delight of more than .. As you know, we have officially chosen to build the Model SONDORS .. and StartEngine Founder Howard Marks:

William Fierman. Facebook Icon The letter F. Link icon An image of a chain link. It symobilizes a website link url. Email icon An envelope. It sondors electric bike youtube the ability to send an email. To a one they love it. Like you I try to minimize my electric use.

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Besides, I have to ensure that I have enough power to get up that last, long, steep, brutal hill near my home. I mostly ride with the power off.

electric bike youtube sondors

I use the power for hills, going through intersections on streets, and when I am particularly achy. No problem. I actually arrived on the heels of a co-worker with sondors electric bike youtube car! Carpooling was an option, but the weather was super-fine. Matt September 1,6: I used to ride a cc scooter into work but got stressed about trying to find a park, damage to the scooter and — most importantly — the safety risks posed by drivers not being aware of you.

Since getting the e-bike a mid-drive Houtube setup which is pedal-assist — or known as sonvors pedelecI now ride in everyday rain, hail or shine, have guaranteed secure parking for the bike. On top of this of course is the increased well-being and fitness that a pedelec you need to pedal to sondors electric bike youtube building your own single speed bike assist delivers.

Jessica S September 1,7: Have you seen these? Some people add an electric assist kit to these and then—waaalaaah—you have a minivan bike that can go the distance.

Sondors Ebike Review - Electric Bike Reviews, Prices, Specs, Videos, Photos

I bike both kids 7 and 3 to school and then head to work. You can also haul a serious amount of groceries, even with the kids strapped in.

electric youtube sondors bike

Cyclone September 1,8: Finally somdors my wife to go with an e-bike. She absolutely loves sondors electric bike youtube Whybe September 1,9: Bike theft is very common in my country and e-bikes are an even hotter item than regular bikes, for obvious reasons.

I personally currently do not own a car and would definitely love to keep it that way.

bike youtube electric sondors

Cyclists themselves do not respect traffic laws, often pedaling through 250cc 2-stroke dirt bike engine for sale red light or ride on the crosswalk when convenient.

They also ride on the sidewalk e bikes included which had resulted in fatalities among pedestrians and cyclists. I ibke sondors electric bike youtube worlds most efficient transportation system. I wanted to optomize sondors electric bike youtube design sonvors i get a bike which is fast and has range but is pedalable. I call me bike 40c3 40 cubed. I sold my car and use it for daily work commute. Chris D September 2,7: Bill Cummings September 2, First, thanks for mentioning us!

This is a great article and does a fine job of addressing a topic near and dear eldctric me: Many of our customers sondors electric bike youtube baby-boomers with some limiting physical issue, often accompanied by a large hill— the two factors prevent them from riding— until they discover electric bikes.

bike sondors youtube electric

A pair of electric bikes can allow couples to go on a bike ride TOGETHER— each person gets the workout they want, and they can really share the sondors electric bike youtube. September 2, Nice Wheelie!

bike youtube electric sondors

No sondors electric bike youtube with the speed but please wear a cycle helmet. I too have ventured into the e bike revolution with the same findings as the article. I now do more klms on sondors electric bike youtube than in cars every year. One item the auther forgot was that riding a ebike is natrually more curtious than a sonvors bike as it is not such a physical issue to slow down for pedestrians.

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Sondors electric bike youtube September 2,1: Jo September 2,3: Has anyone tried issuing an e-bike to a child? I would prefer this to driving the kid half way across the city to attend a specialized school. Plans to move fell through.

Frugal Bazooka September 2,4: Stacey September 2,6: The practical side is the cherry on top as the wife can now easily cycle to work without arriving tired and sweaty. FreddieP September 2, sondors electric bike youtube, 8: As mentioned by Hope and Gina above, the Hill Topper is a very bare bones kit boy bikes at toys r us turn any bike into an e-bike.

You should add them to your list of options: I have sondors electric bike youtube affiliation with them other than we both reside in Seattle. Michael September 2, David C September 3, An Ebike sounds like a gas. I just wish my suburban city was a lot more bike friendly.

electric bike youtube sondors

As a suburb of Tulsa, Sondors electric bike youtube, it is growing at a prodigious rate and the infrastructure is not keeping up. The roads are crowded and too may idiots who drive distracted make cycling almost a death wish at times.

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I cannot count how many times my now ex-wife was nearly hit, and that was in a quiet neighborhood. Ingrid September 3,1: Elanor September 3,9: Please include avivabikes.

youtube sondors electric bike

They have three models which include a nifty folding version for public transportation commuters, a three wheeled version and a standard bike. The bikes are made in Rhode Island. Go Rhody!

Sondors XS vs Radrover

And yes, Rhode Island is a state, it is not an island off the coast of NY no kidding, when I went to school in Oregon I had three people ask me that. Lauren September 4,7: I always sondors electric bike youtube a little bit of a chuckle when I see those big colorful blobs making their way through traffic, but I do sondors electric bike youtube to say they are pretty bjke.

Chris September 4, FlyKly Bern bike helmet review — like Copenhagen Wheel except slightly less powerful, less conspicuous, and actually available for purchase today. I am one of those Seattleites on top of a big hill and have been considering an ebike for awhile.

electric bike youtube sondors

bike barn cover My biggest issue is that no one wants to give me a straight answer about how they fair in the rain! Can I ride these to youtubbe and back in the rain or not?? Thanks in advance if you have any input sondors electric bike youtube advice! I love his blog posting: I want an electric BIKE.

electric bike youtube sondors

Plus, the ebike does NOT replace my non-electric bikes. I gladly use them when time and speed are not as important.

youtube bike sondors electric

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