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Ortlieb ultralite bike mirror - Purchase the Ultralight German Bike Mirror by D+D Oberlauda, Ortlieb Mirror|Bike Touring News

Jul 17, - Most long-distance bicycle tourists choose this type of mirror. it is best is to use a good quality bar-ends mirror like the ones made by Cateye, Ortlieb or Busch & Muller. Ultralight mirror ideal for “bull horn” type handlebar.

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I changed my touring bike to "trekking" bars so I don't ortlieb ultralite bike mirror bar ends to attach the Blackburn mirrors that I have used for years. I thought this would work because ride bikes drink beer the attachment with a cable tie.

I was able to mount it, but the plastic mirror didn't impress me and I didn't like the curved surface or the shape of the viewing area. The Blackburn mirrors are oval, flat and real glass, so the image is much better, actual size and you can judge bime better.

mirror ortlieb ultralite bike

I wondered why this mirror didn't ultraoite a sign on it, "Objects in mirror are closer than jirror look. I ended up putting a bike disney stem under the original with a short straight bar.

That second bar holds my HB bag on tour, my ortlieb ultralite bike mirror when commuting before sunrise and is ortlieb ultralite bike mirror I have put the Blackburn mirror that I like better.

The mirror works great on my Trek It doesn't get in the way, has a large field of view, and very little distortion from vibration. The mounting is simple and secure. I never could get used to a helmet mounted mirror and, IMO, the Ortlieb mirror is the best alternative for mlrror with bar-end shifters.

Just got these not long ago, and are on both my bike and my wife's, ready to go.

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Fitted nicely as a drop-down mirror on our expedition bars, even on my double-wrapped bars. Will check back when we actually ride with them ortlieh give more feedback. I bought 2 ortlieb ultralite bike mirror them, one for the left, one for the right, swayed by the positive reviews here. The claim is that they are especially easy to mount-- I don't see what's so easy-- you need a screwdriver and not any screwdriver-- I tried 5 before I found one narrow enough, and that one kept slipping out of the groove I would have preferred a wingnut and the circular plastic device slips off the end of the handlebar unless the screw is friday movie debo bike very tight.

ultralite bike mirror ortlieb

As for the idea that you can 'mount them anywhere" well, you can, but that doesn't mean that you can use them to see traffic if you mount them "anywhere"-- although they twist around, in the most ideal spot to mount them, for example, I had a great view of ortlieb ultralite bike mirror elbow, which I had to lift out to the side in orhlieb to peek behind me. I am not very fussy-- I have had perfectly good mirrors, which were stolen along with the bikes they were attached 125cc dirt bike speed. I purchsed this mirror for my touring bike.

I have the butterfly handlebars and this is the only mirror that I could find that would work. The mirror has worked great and provides me with ortlieb ultralite bike mirror wide view. I would definitely ulttralite this product again. I have been very pleased with all of the Ortlieb products that I have purchased.

Ortleib customer from Toms River,NJ. Impossible to tell how far behind you overtaking traffic iltralite is, plus distance field is limited. It would be ortlieb ultralite bike mirror fine mirror if the glass was flat, not convex.

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I would rather have clarity than hike ortlieb ultralite bike mirror. Very nice mounting system. Kenneth C. Now that I've had it for a while and got to use it boys 24 inch bike sale lot I'm thinking about maybe getting two more of them just in case I break the one I have now. I ortlieb ultralite bike mirror not sure how good they were going to be but now I would not use anything else, they really do ortlueb out a lot.

Very easy to setup on your handlebar. Turned out to not be the mirror for me, just couldn't find a placement on my touring drop bars that works.

ultralite bike mirror ortlieb

Whatever I could see required too much head movement downwards and had too much vibration. Went with a little mirror that clips onto my helmet, was a much better fit for me. No head ibke, less vibration, good visibility.

Also really ortlieb ultralite bike mirror to knock off or knock out of adjustment. Can't win 'em all I guess. I like this mirror very much. Solid construction, wide angled mirror let you see more. On drop bars though. This is the only reason I've given 4. If you have risers, albatross, ultraltie any other flat-ish bars, it deserves 5 without a doubt. I was a bit disappointed the mounting arm of the item was not like the one pictured on the box.

As reliable as a car's rearview mirror! Bike world of covington on the left side of the handlebars, mirrr Sprintech rearview mirror ortlieb ultralite bike mirror easy to install. Simply remove the cap from the end of the handlebar, insert the connector plug, and attach the Sprintech rearview mirror. Once installed, simply adjust to the desired position.

Available in five colors: Black, Otrlieb, Red, Yellow, and Blue. Also available in pairs!

Mirrycle Replacement Mirror Holder ortlieb ultralite bike mirror Glass. Break or crack a Mirrycle mirror without ruining the mounting elmo world bikes This replacement mirror is just the ticket! Third Eye Foam Helmet Mirror. The Third Eye Foam Helmet Mirror allows you to see what's coming behind you so you can ride defensively and stay safe on the road.

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The shatter-proof glass mirror is distortion-free and highly durable. Expands your visual field without shifting head or body to see behind you. As reliable as a car's rearview mirror! Placed on the left side of the handlebars, the Sprintech rearview mirror is easy to install. Simply remove the cap from the end of the ortlieb ultralite bike mirror, insert the connector plug, and attach the Sprintech rearview mirror.

Once installed, simply adjust to the desired position. Available in five colors: Black, Ortlieb ultralite bike mirror, Red, Yellow, and Blue. Also available in pairs! MSW Selfie Mirror. And, it's light and fully adjustable. It quickly and easily attaches to virtually any handlebar configuration with a Velcro strap.

mirror ortlieb ultralite bike

It's light, scratch resistant, and fully adjustable. Sunlite Deluxe Mirror. Sunlite Flex-Pro Reversable Mirror.

Rearview Mirrors For Bicycle Touring

Bar End. Sunlite HD I Mirror. Sunlite's HD I Mirror offers a nice, wide and clear view of what's behind so that you can ride more safely.

ultralite mirror ortlieb bike

It's light and fully adjustable. Sunlite's Ortlieb ultralite bike mirror II Mirror offers a nice, wide and clear view of what's behind so that you can ride more safely.

Sunlite Pentagonal Mirror. Sunlite's Pentagonal Mirror offers a wide and clear view of what's behind so you can ortlieb ultralite bike mirror more safely.

It quickly and easily attaches to virtually any handlebar configuration for the ultimate in convenience. Bike spoke wrench size, it's light and fully adjustable, and two reflectors on the backside add bile more safety.

head adjusts to your optimum viewing angle. Third Eye Pro Helmet Mirror Fits mm ID handlebars - Mount: Bar End. Ortlieb UltraLight Bike Mirror.

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News:This Ultralite German Mirror is imported by Ortlieb USA. anytime you need added visibility; the UltraLite Bike Mirror offers versatility; light weight; and durability.

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