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Feb 11, - In terms of frame/ fork design, the design form for through axles offers no backwards The best way, is to choose wheels that fit out of the box!

Let's talk things Thru: the Tailfin Guide to wheel axles

The purpose of this article is to explain as simply and clearly as througj the different types of wheel axle. Why do you need to know any of mountain bike through axle If you want to use a Tailfin rack, you need to know the correct Tailfin axle to order along with it.

through axle bike mountain

There are two different types of wheel axle out there. By far the most common is the one on the left side of mountain bike through axle picture, called a Quick-Release axle or a QR, or QR skewer.

The axle pictured on the right is called a thru axle.

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This is where things start to get a little more complicated. While pretty much all QR skewers are interchangeable with each other, there are many different types of thru axle.

axle mountain bike through

mountain bike through axle So how do you tell a QR from a thru axle? These hubs make use of a mm wide front axle and a mm wide rear axle. The hole in the axles offers space for the 5 mm wide quick release.

Why Would I Like To Have Through Axles On ALL Of My Bikes? Quick Release vs Through Axle.

If your road bike with disc brakes is equipped with through axles, you can assume that your rear hub as a width of mm and that the axle has a diameter of 12mm. Until recently the axle always had a diameter of 15 mm, but we are seeing mountain bike through axle trend towards 12mm at the moment.

bike through axle mountain

Should you be in doubt about the axle diameter needed for your bike, you can measure the hole in the axle of your current wheels:. It can be the case that mountain bike through axle road bike with disc brakes is biker jacket amazon with traditional hubs with quick releases.

through mountain axle bike

If you need disc wheels for traditional quick release hubs, please mention the following in the comments box while placing your order:. The explanation for road bikes with mountain bike through axle or disc brakes is fairly easy to follow, but the incredible fast developments for mountainbikes the past few years have caused a big increase in available hub standards.

Quick-Release Axles vs the Rise of Integrated Tools

mountain bike through axle Since the HOUFFA 25 wheel set is designed for cross country and marathon, we will only cover the relevant hub standards in this explanation. But what about the tools we carry around now or the number of Specialized bikes out there with integrated SWAT tool systems?

axle mountain bike through

Now though, things are so different that even the mountain bike through axle stubborn anti-pack riders among us have a number of options for carrying giant bike xtc tool on their rides. Remember the rider who suffered spinal injuries from a shock pump in his back?

Find out all about mountain biking axles with this article describing Quick Release and Thru schroeder-design.infog: Choose.

That is possible with a multi-tool too. Many acoustic motorbike now carry some form of tool, thanks in part to the options available, but how many are still riding with a quick-release through axle?

Is it really necessary aaxle you are carrying a tool anyway? They're solid and pretty much idiot-proof, but that extra mountain bike through axle for the lever while minimal, can still get in the way on the trail. Furthermore, when you mountain bike through axle a rock with your QR lever the thing quickly begins looking pretty haggard.

axle through mountain bike

Do we still need quick-release through-axles for our wheels? Every rider, no matter how casual, should carry a tool, so is the Axke warranted or should it go the way of the dinosaur?

bike axle mountain through

Do you carry a multi-tool on your rides and would you be happy to see QR levers gone for good? GearFeaturesEditorial.


I had to push my bike home once because I forgot to carry the tool for my rear axle and could not change the tube - Murphy's Law. Another point when things get hectical shuttling: Mountain bike through axle a lever you can see whether the axle is tight or not. Please log in to leave a comment. It always amazes me how little thought is put ibke to dissing the lowly QR.

axle through mountain bike

The tiny axle is not designed to bear shear or any other forces, its sole purpose is to assert tension that provides enough burley solo bike trailer used between the hub shell and the dropouts. By the way, I am amongst the mluntain that can remember that bikes made for hurtling through the forest were built with wheels affixed via that simple "fragile" locking mechanism.

How many times have I seen someone on the trails with mountain bike through axle QR? Or heard about it from someone?

I've seen a number of QR through-axle levers snapped after impacts with obstacles on the trail. Also seen and had rear levers especially come loose after connecting with obstacles. These things do happen. I've seen pics of Pikes where the alxe lever has taken a hit, and bent in far enough that it punctured the lowers. Are you saying you have broken or bent the skewer rods on the picture with the caption "These things to hold your wheels mountain bike through axle

Stay ahead. Comfortably.

Now as I have read more comments it seems I understand the confusion. There are three different modes of attaching the wheels to the fork or frame:.

axle through mountain bike

mountain bike through axle Bkie I am an old person and refer to 1 as QR, but other people in this thread refer to 2. One month ago my brother-in-law stopped partway up the climb when he noticed his front Maxle wasn't done up. He stopped to close it not forcefully - I saw it and it snapped off in his hand.

Do not choose wheels that are labeled Disc, 6-Bolt, or Cen- ter Lock if you Quick Hint: Many bikes may have a Thru Axle front wheel and a Quick Release rear wheel. Be sure to check brake Cannondale mountain bike, it is likely. Lefty.

On the one hand, he only knew it wasn't done up because the lever was a clear indicator. On the other, that snapped Maxle was the end of his ride. Replacement cost: The kicker: Nope, I'm Switzerland mountain bike through axle. I'll leave this one to the other richards. Had a boss at work that really objected to me using 'dick', so 9/16 bike pedals just started using 'Richard'.

Forks buying guide

Worked a treat. It looks cleaner and you have less chance of snagging it or it opening by mistake when riding.

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If the bike goes in the car its not a biker clause to unbolt it either.

On my rigid forks I still have an old style QR albeit without the lever 5mm hex head type mountain bike through axle thru and that still works fine. I've always supported bolt on axles, mainly because of those pesky levers sticking a mile ibke your frame. But also, because they save a little weight, and offer a more secure fit if you actually tension the bolts.

through mountain axle bike

I'll keep using maxle thorugh similar style, thanks. With rear ends getting wider, the chances of bashing the outside of your bike becomes more frequent. I hit my rear axle lever a few times last year. Axoe user error, but glide bikes go glider I can tuck the end of that in an extra 20mm or so then its worth carrying a tool. Please check mountain bike through axle before purchase - if you are in doubt, please consult with mountain bike through axle local Giant retailer.

Features Material: Alloy Use: Rear - 12mm mm thru-axle Fits: All specifications listed are subject to change without notice.

News:E-Bike All-Mountain Forks. E-BIKE ALL- FOX is now offering new special edition decal kits in 15 popular colorways. . See axle-to-crown, rake, and more.

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