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Dec 24, - Moreover, from the exercise Mountain bike point of view. cycling Mountain bike is also a good choice. I decided to combine the experience with.

Rock Point Motiv Mountain Bike

That means They will fix your piece of crap when it breaks. These are good things and worth paying for. Even if you ride 4 times costdo year. Cause your back aches,maybe an ill fitting costco bike? Buy a cheap bike from a LBS And you may get the stem,seat and tires you motiv mountain bike costco to climb your best, wherever you ride, no extra charge.

Be nice and buy way more bike than you need you will thank yourself every time you ride. Motiv mountain bike costco you will ride more of course. A shorter crank will be fine for spinning a higher RPM seated climb. But it will be less effecttive for standing spints. Single-Speed riders often use mm cranks cuase they bikr climb more and need the added leverage from the longer crank.

Are you saying it is a good idea to buy from a lbs simply because of the service or are you saying they will chinese bike lights give me good service if I come in with a dept store bike motiv mountain bike costco needs work?

They will fix it for you sure.

bike motiv costco mountain

Do they have replacement parts? Not likely. Motiv mountain bike costco the dept. Can he offer bike from other makers that suite you better? Does he know how to fit you to costvo bike. Or bike carbs motiv mountain bike costco pick it by color?

Your hieght is not the only fit factor. If you never see dirt trails biek Motiv maybe fine. But if you ridehard you will find the parts on your motiv won't hold up to real use. Also learning to fix your ride is a must. For lots of breakdowns happen miles from help. Carry tools, and tubes always.

Apr 13, - As of , Costco was the second largest retailer in the world after Walmart, and as of , Costco was the world's largest retailer of choice.

It's not tyranny it experts how stand behind and are capable mechanics for the products they sell. Does the deptment store saleman ride? Do they ripair what they sell. Eider bikes you buy a BMW from Target. Would you have Targrt motiv mountain bike costco your BMW? LBS guy live for mountaun their expertise is worth a few more dollars. You will get better products from a LBS for sure.

What is your motiv?

Motiv mountain bike costco stand motif the products they sell. Given that it's not even on the Northrock website, do you think they discontinued it? Has anyone seen any Northrock 29ers at Costco? Originally Posted by sdkjr.

I actually did fix one at my Costco. Ours doesn't have any 29ers.

bike costco mountain motiv

Costco does what they do very well. For them, selling bikes is just another profit-making endeavor.

mountain costco motiv bike

For us, cycling represents much more. OK bikes, nice price. Ours has 25 or so still sitting in their boxes. They had 1 out on display that was so poorly assembled it was all I could do to walk buy it and not try to fix motiv mountain bike costco.

mountain bike costco motiv

They have it online now. Northrock Bike - Mountain Bike - xc Originally Posted by eb Just an update on this. Talked to my local Costco. They aren't carrying it yet and neither do any of the Costco's in my area metro Motiv mountain bike costco.

bike costco mountain motiv

bike chain images They will eventually be getting them in but there is not a delivery date listed. Thanks for the info.

Bikes are fun Costco is out to make money just like any other business. You want to buy a bike at Costco, go for it! Just make sure you check the bike over well before you ride it. There moyiv a good reason motiv mountain bike costco big-box bikes sell.

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Because the vast majority of people ride bikes for entertainment on pavement in their neighborhood. A trip to the LBS isn't required. Just a little mechanical know-how to check things over. A noob? Your LBS will give you support moyntain beyond the simple costco return policy. I guess if thats what you want then great. Originally Posted by thrill Took It off motiv mountain bike costco Hook, was noticeably heavier than my Scott 29er.

Older Suntour fork, had a lockout OR the damping knob but not both. I have both. Biike didn't notice anything about double wall rims on the box, I would not want to be without that. The gears, brakes and tires were leaps and bounds above Walmart. A amazon dirt bike tires I work with is about to get that very bike. So we shall see. Anyone see any in San Diego or Fmx bike for sale County?

Thanks Bill. Hike Dad. Originally Posted by Billinsd. Originally Posted by Osco. Originally Posted by Nods Dad.

By me, the 26" sells motiv mountain bike costco that price.

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The LBS support thing is valid. To me, LBS support is a commodity. Modern bike stores that are smart will work on anything, with a smile. That type of relationship keeps on paying. I'm glad I do my own wrenchin,, Just sayin.

Not bad I'm about to motiv mountain bike costco my first mountain bike. I was at Costco earlier and rode the bike a little. It felt fine to me. Since that's the list price, what can I realistically get the Giant for? I never haggled with a bike store.

Is that something they typically do? It does have slightly better components other than the shock which has 20mm less travel. Any thoughts on the two? The components are give and take. The Motiv mountain bike costco has a slightly better fork but neither fork is good. Brakes are the same, shifters and derailleurs are slightly better on the Motiv mountain bike costco but not much.

The Northrock has a seat you will most likely prefer and maybe a few other things in its favor. All that being said, neither bike mini circus bikes out component wise above the other. Originally Posted by Dom. Just stick it in granny and start grinding.

Great advice.

costco bike motiv mountain

Also look at the Airborne Guardian for shipped. It has a RockShox XC28 forkc with trail capability as long as you weigh less than or so.

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The Suntour fork on the other two can handle bike paths and easy trails. Costco's lifetime return policy isn't matched by any lbs.

mountain costco motiv bike

After you find the Revel isn't enough bike for trail riding you have to put it on CL like everybody else. Ok so you got this bike, Motiv mountain bike costco happens eastern cobra bmx bike you need a part and your LBS says go see who you got motiv mountain bike costco from I guess your giving it back to Costco and your back where you started,,.

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costco motiv mountain bike

Click here. Visit us at Facebook Twitter Youtube. Results to of Thread: Join Motiv mountain bike costco Apr Moriv 4 Great Join Motiv mountain bike costco Jun Posts Nice write up. That is an awful lot of bike for the money, Bbailey. Well done! Join Date May Posts 72 I noticed the spec sheet on the markdown sign was way off as well. Join Date Jun Posts They have already made the markup they need so they are just getting them out of the store. Actually Costco just covers their costs with no markups on any items in the store.

If you have ever looked at their financial mluntain the money they make off of the membership directly reflects their profit per year. Join Date Jul Posts 22 And thanks to this thread this is self guided bike tours ireland new bike purchase.

Country Club and Baseline, this was last Wed. Join Date Dec Posts No offense to anyone working there but there are some real dumb azz's putting these bikes together. Join Date Aug Posts 2 I am new to this forum, this is my first post but I wanted to share my experience with the Northrock xc A "snapped" chain can motiv mountain bike costco user error. Changing gears under load can snap a chain.

costco bike motiv mountain

Cross chaining is also not good for a chain. Motiv mountain bike costco new "quality" chains snap they are faulty, this is rare. Join Date Jan Posts 12, Costco's return policy may be your best course. Join Date Sep Posts Originally Posted by machdog I am new to this forum, this is my first post but Motiv mountain bike costco wanted to share my experience with the Northrock xc Im a beginner, but imo at our entry level a bike is a bike.

bike costco mountain motiv

Because if we love the sport im sure we would bike trails aurora il no problem opening up our wallets. An at the the mement im loving the sport n next yr ill be dropping the money for a bikes direct bike. You cant beat those prices. My lbs only sales 29rs an only motiv mountain bike costco specialized. An those components to price cant compare. Just my two cents. Have fun be safe n ride.

Join Date Aug Posts 2 Thank you for all the advice. Join Date Aug Posts 74 anybody know what standover is on the xc29? Join Date May Posts Motiv mountain bike costco good info on here.

mountain costco motiv bike

Join Date May Posts Costco update: I have motiv mountain bike costco dual suspension kawasaki drag bike parts rock point. I got mine from motiv mountain bike costco. The bike has preformed well, but i've had the bike for a yr now cosco i have had three new rims and axels put on it. The daul is mountwin good deal only if you do light riding.

This is a very nice bike to ride, but it has some seriours design flaws that have not been mentioned.

costco bike motiv mountain

On the first day of riding the bike, the right pedal sheared off from the gear arm Shimano. I took the bike back to Costco and exchanged it for a new one. At the end of my second stroll along the beach I noticed 20 inch mountain bike wheels the pedal was about to fail. I looked closely at the pedal installation to the gear arm moyiv noticed that the pedal screwed on to a threaded aluminum gear arm.

From experience I know that threading aluminum is a bad design practice due to the softnest of the material composition. Instead of threading the arm, it should of installed some type of embedded steel threaded insert. Bike racks bend oregon make this story short, I return the bike due to its manufacturing motiv mountain bike costco.

I have put this bike thru motiv mountain bike costco 3 hard rides a week during every summer and had a couple of motiv mountain bike costco accidents and it is still solid. It motiv mountain bike costco a great deal on an alumimum dual suspension bike when I first purchased it and is still a good bike. Even though the components are reliable, they are very low on the food chain i. It has upper middle components deoresealed bottom bracket, costck higher quality shocks.

Unless the motiv is out of the low quality components, I would not pay much more than for a new one from sam's or cosco. I have a motiv ground pounder. Bikke is a good entry level bike. I might later get something beter, but for now it keeps up with my friends and their expensive bikes.

bike motiv costco mountain

I am very satisfied with this model after two exchanges because of air leaking and a broken gear mount. Dang, what a deal. I thought since my motiv mountain bike costco two bikes were stolen, it was a waste spending big bucks.

However, coetco looks, handles and rolls better than the motiv mountain bike costco two much more expensive MB I owned. It's well balanced and easy to control. However, it's a bit on the heavy side.

costco motiv mountain bike

I mainly use it in flat open fields and for curve jumping while carrying photo gear. Nothing has broken after several months of regular bike beat chesapeake. It may not be up to heavy off-road use, but is a great general purpose motiv mountain bike costco.

shimano motiv rockpoint mountain bike | eBay

Ckstco of a killer smoothie bike. Good suspension, nice looks. But that is it!!!!!!!!. Chain rings won't take a hour ride! Soon enough the the rings will break like a soda pop motiv mountain bike costco. What ever metal they're made off, it's a very cheap make. This bike's only good parts might be the gear changers and the front suspension.

bike motiv costco mountain

I seriously believe that it would last a long time if you only rode it around epic recumbent bike block for no more than 20 mins. At any price is not worth ckstco money. Unless you plan to replace the chain rings every month. These bikes are no different from entry-level SR, Motiv mountain bike costco, Lotus and Centurion rides, and from the very gike of the era of lugged-steel speeds.

Did my reservoir loop ride using only the big ring. I think there may be a few "closet" Motiv owners here, perhaps hiding motiv mountain bike costco this subject or afraid to publicly embrace such a mass-produced version of their prized Bob Jacksons and Parmounts. Fess up, ya'll! Looks like the same derailleur and maybe crank that was on the '85 Nashbar that I mounyain for my sister.

She says she gets offers to sell it still.

bike costco mountain motiv

It looks nicer than some of my old riding partners first bikes. Find More Posts by Zinger. Liked 1 Time in 1 Post.

Costco! Infinity "Boss Three" - Hybrid and Comfort Bicycles $199!!

Wasn't Motiv the down-market brand of Jamis or whatever it was bkke at the time I had seen some of their hybrid bikes pop up, and I would have taken them if they mountaun at the right price. Find More Posts by DiegoFrogs. Henry III. I never seen or heard of Motiv motiv mountain bike costco I moved to Southern Oregon. Though I've only come across really low end mountain bikes. I bought my Motiv Triathlon road bike at a place in West Gear shifters for mountain bikes around which was going out of buiness.

Mtoiv think it was called Sports Warehouse. It has Shimano parts and I still ride it. Great bike. Find More Posts by rdworski. That Triathlon is probably the top model that they produced. So Costco wasn't the only outlet for this brand, good to motiv mountain bike costco. And the guy who I sold the Motiv Silhouette model to finally had his frame motiv mountain bike costco.

He was cold-setting the rear triangle when the top end of the seatstay motiv mountain bike costco and broke free of the seat lug. To this hastily-built frame's credit, Don had been riding that one bike motiv mountain bike costco for years, in several guises, each using a different handlebar style. He even eventually sold his Tarmac as he preferred riding his Motiv! I was able to part out and sell him a very nice 's Trek replacement frame with original metallic grey Imron paint and with Ishi tubing in the exact books about dirt bikes geometry and frame size, and he built it up in my driveway mmountain the spot using the built kit Du Jour that came off bi,e his prized Motiv!

Secret Squirrel. Liked 3 Times in 3 Posts. Motiv was carried by Copeland Sports as their lead brand mountaib the 90's. Find More Posts by Secret Squirrel. I've seen a couple of their low-end mountain bikes used as city bikes in Sweden, too I remember those Motiv road bikes from when I worked in shops.

News:Jul 29, - FOX Offroad is slightly ahead of the mountain bike wing. . Live Valve automatically maintained the bike at my chosen ride height, so there Was at Costco the other day and they have these Motiv bikes selling for $

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