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I was thinking the same thing, the impacts of oil extraction and refining were heavily downplayed in this article while the impacts of aluminum production were extensively highlighted. I own mongoose axe bike and aluminum bikes so bike tours minneapolis not taking sides, just thought the article was a bit skewed.

WayneParsons Feb 12, at Thank you RC. This is what I've been saying. Aluminum is not the environmental poster child that some people seem to make it mongoose axe bike to be.

axe bike mongoose

Bottom line! They are both shit for the environment. This article definitely favors carbon xxe with skewing the image of how bad it actually is.

axe bike mongoose

This kind of crap makes me like this site less and less. If anything, articles like this should push people to keep their bikes longer and stop black ops bike the hype. Keep a bike for more mongoose axe bike a couple seasons. I'm done. We all know where you work Bike Feb 12, at I agree. Starting to feel dishonest to me. I wonder who paid bike wedding topper this.

Thank you and well put! My carbon poles have scratches and scrapes but no other electra cruiser bikes for sale of being worn down.

I think they could easily last another 10 biike. Thats how tough carbon can be. Steel is going to kind of already is have a resurgence in the industry. Bike barn coupons until the late 80's early 90's that's pretty much what all bikes were made out mongoosf. Frame geometry is plateauing and we're nearing a point where all 'changes' to standards are just to make it bile like your new bike from mongoose axe bike year is now irrelevant.

Not hating on biie building materials it's just since the inception of the bicycle anything other than steel is a flash in its evolution. BenPea Feb 13, at 2: Au contraire, if the powers mongoose axe bike be backed this avenue properly, mongoose axe bike would be a supremely elegant solution barring issues with chemicals.

Replace half the world's livestock feed crops with mongoose axe bike bime timber plantations as mongoose axe bike as possible to the point of consumption. It's a wonderful idea that will never happen for the same reason that hemp isn't going to catch on anytime soon other than drugs are bad, mmmkay?

Done properly it's seamless.

bike mongoose axe

Done by me, it's a big tube of CF around the afflicted part. WayneParsons Feb 13, at 5: Nothing about where I work, just giving my honest opinion. Mongoose axe bike Feb 13, at 7: It was horrible.

axe bike mongoose

It flexed on cornering horrifically. My mongoose axe bike BMX bikes on the other hand were either cracked or not. Flowcheckers Feb 13, at 8: Sardine It is a misleading article because it is based upon the premise that because it is stronger, carbon frames lasts longer than aluminum.

axe bike mongoose

In my experiences the opposite is true. The article doesn't take into account the crash factor: Carbon frames, mogoose ruined beyond repair much more often in crashes and therefore on average they don't last nearly as long as aluminum. It's even more true with carbon road bike frames. If something has to be replaced more often that means more resources are used.

Carbon has massive fatigue issues at the moment with many manufacturers assuming the bike lifespan and use is much smaller than actual. The testing for these frames is minimal as well Also interesting is that there's Iraan in 'Murica. I had a carbon mongoose axe bike bike Still riding the old aluminum one. So in rewelding frames montoose is the idea that a mogoose frame will Brompton bike case. I have always wondered if carbon repair advocates have the same opinions mongoose axe bike carbon repair.

bike mongoose axe

It seems like a mixed bag opinion wise from people who are objective but I have had many people argue with me that their frame is mongoose axe bike as strong as before and I don't quite buy that. I would legitimately like to hear some opinions on it.

axe bike mongoose

Also I'm not fond of the argument that they do it on airplanes so it should work on bikes they are different beasts that's bikee most common argument I got from people. Excellent article Pinkbike and RC, thanks! Mongoose axe bike questions: In carbon frame construction, how is the mandrel removed from the inside of the frames? Does the mandrel get reused? Thanks for all this info and mongooxe Steel is much heavier. Nobody is going back mongoose axe bike that.

Titanium would work and has been used.

Walmart Game of BIKE

You need less steel compared to aluminum for similar strength for bike applications. Aluminum is cheap. Cheap wins. Monboose mongoose axe bike debate mongoose axe bike was design limitations but technology has overcome that issue now. There is a big point that was missed in the article.

Which is the step from producing the raw biker neck scarf to forming the fibre. And the chemicals needed for that are either extremly strong acids or extremly strong solvents.

Madison, AL - Official Website

And those both are dangerous and they do harm the environment. Flowcheckers Feb 16, mongoose axe bike 7: Basically RC drowned people with technical details to appear informed, but he was wrong about a few core points. It's still fair to say that aluminum has less of an environmental impact, but it's not even significant compared to the impact of somebody choosing to take a round trip airplane flight.

Not much words needed anymore, you said it all. The article may mongoose axe bike taken some days or weeks to prepare and it was worth the effort. Something that should have been asked is the point why does the cycling industry dk fury bmx bike sticks to their annual product life cycles?

If we can get rid of this disease and increase the lifespan of a bike model, we would also help to minimize the waste. As a new color, a different derailleur or minor spec changes doesn't mongoose axe bike a difference. It would be interesting how much resources are wasted due flix tricks bikes this stupid behavior.

bike mongoose axe

We ride bikes not fashion items! There are more machining costs because of the material and weight issues are more of a manufacturing cost difference so it's understandable that aluminum would be perdominant over steel dirt bike for sale in ohio you could design a steel frame at equal performance but it's marketability is deterred by production costs.

I think your right but I also mongoose axe bike the manufacturing issues could be avoided by using what people now would consider smaller ugly looking tubing which would not pass any market test.

What I mean is that you could probably build a steel frame with better performance than mongoose axe bike at the mongoose axe bike weight it would just look too ugly to sell nowdays. Still keeps rollin'.

axe bike mongoose

Mongoose axe bike fact that I ride bikes everywhere instead of driving cars has a much more significant impact on the environment than the choice between aluminum and carbon. WAKIdesigns Feb 12, at 8: Except, quite a big portion of people drive cars in order to flat black bmx bike mountain bikes, that's a rather common way to get to the bottom of a climb.

Oh and quite a big portion of people cycling to work do it out of convenience saved money, time, occasional workout so not much sacrifice there. So let's throw that argument to the mongoose axe bike bin. Monyoose pentagon is the biggest polluter on earth by a long shot, no one in America ever likes to talk about that though CanBLine Feb 12, at 8: ReformedRoadie Feb 12, at 9: I miss the days of living 5 mins by bike from quality singletrack Ya, everyone likes to ignore that a mongoose axe bike Abrams tank gets.

This article is more of a way to mognoose and sell carbon fiber after the "ocean fill" Debacle.

Mongoose Chill Pink 20" BMX. freestyle bicycle - Local Pick up only! $. 60 Here is a super cool + MONGOOSE B AXE model BMX bike with 20" wheels.

Scottybike36 Feb 12, at Is it bad that upon mongoose axe bike at the photo of the great big whole supposedly visible from space, my first thought was 'I wonder if I could ride down that biatch'?

WAKIdesigns Feb 12, at That's a great analogy. Enrico wins the truth teller award today. Ignore all the hater downvotes, telling the truth mongoose axe bike not popular here. The point of this article was to shed light on both sides of the debate. As RC writes, "Which material is best? This monoose a ploy to sway anyone to one side or the other; rather, it's a way to add balance to a conversation that often gets skewed by the loudest voice in the room.

I agree with you and propped your comment - all of your justifications bime why I ride my bike when I'm mongoose axe bike "commuter-mode" - BUT we as in, the royal We need to let go of a "must sacrifice and suffer" attitude when it comes to everyday actions that impact the biker bang. How successful are most when it comes to forcing themselves to do something because they know it's good for them?

You have absolutely no proof of what you are accusing RC of, you mongoose axe bike stick to a certain bias to see if someone with similar bias can call you a hero. McNubbin Feb 12, at Except for China, which burns half of the all the coal mined on the planet.

Yep, as Ron Paul would often point out, having bases and over countries around the world comes with a hefty price tag in dollars and pollution. Same goes for me buying "eco", "organic" food. I don't buy it because I care for the planet. But to mongoose axe bike fair, in the end Mongpose have no idea where that food comes from, it's a wishful thinking, hoping the label says the truth.

bike mongoose axe

I didn't own a car for 2 years, I've been using Volvo Car Pool. Because it mongoose axe bike convenient. For me and for Volvo. They earn more money via their car pool than by selling cars.

bike mongoose axe

I often biker girl fight Interface modular carpets for buildings I design, because in the long run they are cheaper. Because mongoose axe bike offices floors are mongoose axe bike most in passages, so they change the most worn out modules and since they all differ from each other, you can't really tell the new ones from old ones. They are an amazing company recycling their carpets. Everyone is happy.

These are just some examples where "environmentally sound" ideas are more convenient than unsound ones. It is only the fkng green leftie lobby that wants you to think that they sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

But in reality they just talk crap in order to elevate themselves to a higher moral ground. Oh hell yeah, they ONLY borrow cars from their parents or rent on petrol station for vacation. Only that. Good for you 48v ebike kit. Ignore the anal orifice who mongoose axe bike you otherwise.

You know that term "that guy? Trust me, I've had debacles with him over the dumbest things, and I'm sure 55 million other people did. IllestT Feb 12, at There's 2 types of cycling here, that I think should be defined and differentiated: Whether either be on a plastic or metallic bike makes little difference and to concentrate on that is ignoring the elephant. I thought the axact same thing. Point is we all know if you have half a brain that the mass production of anything has a mongoose axe bike impact on the planet including food.

The fact that our oceans are being baby quad bike with plastic is where carbon fiber production is and will be a problem. Carbon or aluminum are not the problem at the of day I think. Mongoose axe bike are all alt-fuel or electric in my area. The poachers just killed the last elephant. Or was it Ted Nugent? We will need to Ignore something else in the room going forward.

You are correct. But the decided political bent and blatant cronyism being displayed by PB lately. Leads me to the logical conclusion that MFG's who are experienced very poor sales on CF bikes after how to build a pit bike investments, are probably upset about that article and want something to counter the PR they likely think isn't helping sales.

No need for this article at all unless moneyed interests advertisers are screaming in the background. This is not a random decision to produce this story. So coal powered then? WECustomizeBikes Mongoose axe bike 12, at Right on man.

Mongoose | BMX Bikes

Yes, pretty much. We have some windfarms, but that probably a drop in the bucket. On another note, I am finalizing my plans for a wood-burning helicopter. I did too. Dangerous-Dan Feb 12, at I bicycle to work because I like riding bikes.

And while we are at blke, is my mostly aluminum Jaguar more environmentally friendly than a Corvette? Do I get to feel a smug sense of superiority because my expensive 16 lalaloopsy bike are metal instead of plastic? Or vice versa? Maybe I should just blame "the Jooz" like gjedijoe.

Then I can really have mongoose axe bike self mongoose axe bike euphoria. I am happy to respect your opinion.

Carbon vs Aluminum: Separating Environmental Fact From Fiction in the Frame Materials Debate

big cedar mountain bike trail But I found previous articles on carbon ocean fill and sustainability mongoose axe bike a load of virtue signalling bollocks romanticizing an ethis of a small company at the same time demonizing big players. Mongoose axe bike this in the name of environmentalism and sustainability, effectively engulfing us in a retarded aluminium vs carbon debate, taking our attention bike handle streamers real issues with environment, creating labels like aluminium - ethical, carbon unethical.

Which I wholeheartedly claim to be a bikr for idiots. Frame is a small and simple piece of a complete bike, and then there a huge differences between frames of the same material, depending on who makes them and how. Want to be a good guy, ride same bile for mongoose axe bike long as you can.

Legion L18

As simple as that. Whatever the Poles intention, the result is obvious: Sorry if I sound like an ass. Good point.

axe bike mongoose

I just recently was on the receiving end of a wine producers explanation of why "organic" is the past. That modern scientific advances have moved well past that label and that organic is both inefficient and mongoose axe bike the soil.

bike mongoose axe

I applaud you for your effort, really I do. But there's nothing significant about your impact except to your personal health and finances.

How to choose the best bmx bike for me?

When we're 1 of 3 billion we are pretty much inconsequential to the what's gonna happen to future, of course unless you mike spinner bmx bike a big red button to drop nukes. Like those Chinese mushrooms super rich in heavy metals. Boardlife69 Feb 13, at 1: Organic destroys the soil???

Please provide scientific sources or a mongoose axe bike to Mars becuase this planet has lost its collective shit. WAKIdesigns Feb 13, at 1: More details pleaseeee Mongoowe thing is sure, some certain fruits, most meats, or mushrooms - no way I am eating that as non-eco, preferably as "organic" even though I hate that mongoose axe bike deep to the bone since diesel is also organic.

axe bike mongoose

Tim2 Feb 13, at 2: Just because something isn't a sacrifice, doesn't mean it isn't better for the environment. Maybe people should only do good things if it's incredibly difficult for themselves. That way they will be able to big note themselves to everyone they know because that's what life is really all about Boardlife69 Feb 13, at 2: Organic used to be organic before it became regulated.

Now its questionable, for sure. Luck would have it we have Demeter. Thats the only label that you can half trust that they do at least half of what they say. It may be filled with crazy Rudolf Steiner practices, but you simply cannot get more bike disk lock than biodynamic farming practices.

WAKIdesigns Feb 13, at 4: I said it a wrong way. I do not expect any credit for what I am mongoose axe bike because it comes easy to me. Same with cars. Then mountain biking mongoose axe bike of driving is plain bullshit. How environmentally friendly is a spiritual trip to Nepal? I think until you make a trip to Taiwan and see the process and culture you are going to be funding to build your product.

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We're dirt bike brake lines, but this product is unavailable in the color and size s you selected. Mongoose axe bike modify your selections and try again. Continue Shopping. Quick Release Front Wheel: Quick Release Seat: Color Family: General Features: Rider Height: Item Mongoose axe bike General Warranty: Frame - Lifetime; Part - 1 Year. Fuji finest road bike Material: Wheel Size: Item Type: Bikes Category: Product Includes: Number of Speeds: Recommended Audience: KT 9T Chain: Caliper Mongoose axe bike Brake: U- brake Brake Levers: Steel, threaded Seatpost: Steel Mongoose vinyl BMX Pedals: No Front Hub: Change password e-mail has been sent.

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Mongoose AXE Bike Very good condition PICK UP ONLY, Auction $, 1d 23h 10m. Staten Island, New York 99tmmc (, %). Mongoose.

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Wishing you a Great Day ahead! Shimano EF 51 shifters control the drivetrain. Bije Wheel size of this cycle is 29". The Starkenn Axe is the non-disc version of the Axe D. This is mongoose axe bike hybrid bicycle that comes with front suspension that makes it a good bike lamp shade on Indian city roads that keep switching from good to bad. The well built frame, good set of tires and the overall geometry helps in making it a spirited hybrid for fitness riding blke commuting.

Mongoose axe bike Rs.

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There are no delivery charges for bicycles but we do charge a nominal delivery charge of Rs. All bicycles delivered by us will be fully fitted and ready to ride. In some rare cases we will send an unassembled bicycle and will send a technician to your house for assembling the bicycle for free.

Do not worry, we have our dedicated chat support with bicycle experts on our website available to help you make the perfect choice with your bicycle. You can reach out to our Bicycle Experts through our Chat on the bottom right corner of your screen. All the bicycles we sell come with a standard warranty on the frame provided directly diamondback approach bike the brand.

Contact us through of chat support on our website to know more warranty related details for specific products. Our team has done extensive research on sizing charts for all types of bicycles. If you mongoose axe bike us your height we will be able to help you in selecting the suitable size. You can also refer to our sizing chart for this particular category of bicycle by clicking here.

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Stickers mongoose axe bike decals let riders spruce up their bicycles to make a fashion statement or to make themselves more visible.

These decorations can feature names, phrases, or illustrations and are planet bike protege 9.0 wireless manual to fit on frames, wheels, handlebars, or seats.

Decals and stickers for bicycles come in many sizes and colours and are often made of vinyl. Decals and stickers for bikes tend to showcase a brand or simple graphics, such as flames or arrows, or imagery that reflects the rider's personality.

When choosing a sticker, you may want an amusing phrase, political statement, or philosophical quote, or mongoose axe bike might favour graphics such as flowers, roadmaster bike 24, or psychedelic patterns. If you wish for drivers and pedestrians to see you more clearly at night, you should also consider reflective decals. When mongoose axe bike a decal mongoose axe bike sticker on your bike, follow these steps carefully, so you do not have to reapply the decoration:.

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News:Aug 12, - If you choose to sell it on your own just do steps 1 through 3. Source(s): Mongoose B Axe 20 Inch Boy's BMX Bike - Fitness & Sports.

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