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Setting up your fork is important, along with other components – check out the spec and setup on Russell Stevenson's bike, featured here. Setting the sag.

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They'll do a lot more than I can at home, and the shock should be working very nicely when it returns. No idea about turnaround.

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Send to PUSH. I've long wanted to have the shock PUSHed with all the custom valving and compression damping, but this isn't fox float mountain bike shocks I wanted to do it. I am leaning towards doing it gloat for now, which will be both the quicker option and the cheaper bike fork protector just to get the shock working again.

If Fox's service was a bit cheaper, it might sway me.

Fox Fork Oil Volumes , 32 SC Float , ", FIT 4. , 32 SC Float , ", Grip , 34 Float , , FIT 4. , 34 Float

There is no local service option. My LBS is small and they send out all their shock service. Bi,e course, this doesn't biker do rag me from having it PUSHed in the offseason.

Unless you are rich and won't miss your shock then DIY. You fox float mountain bike shocks not even need to remove the shock if you can slide the canister off once you get the shaft end bolt out.

Apr 10, - Can we add some zest to a logical choice in life? Yes we can: make the practical fork impractically light. Correct, make it as light as an XC fork.

Anyhow bucks is a lot and if you don't need a nitrogen charge and have no damper issues it fx a super waste of hard earned money. Check your fox float mountain bike shocks valve for leaking also, I have to remove mine once a year or so and clean it Lot's of vids on youtube of the Float seal kit rebuild.

I've owned this thing since and haven't done that yet.

mountain bike float shocks fox

I do want the custom tuning, for a variety of reasons I won't address here, but I'd rather not send it off to them now and have mointain shock for a long time, especially since I'm getting close to moving halfway across the country. The setups on your fork and shock should complement each other so they work together as a balanced system. Keep in mind that this base setting you have will likely need to change slightly for different conditions, such as drastic temperature changes, muddy versus dusty trails, etc.

You are an individual, and your setup should be tailored to you and your riding style. fox float mountain bike shocks

bike shocks fox float mountain

Oh, and please, never, ever, ever run the rebound on your fork slower than the rebound on your shock. You will get thrown over the bars faster than if you were riding ,ountain bucking bull. Start fox float mountain bike shocks subscription by clicking here or calling Marin Introduces New Wolf Ridge.

Welcome to Sea Otter!

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Shimano Flat-Shoe Shootout. The first is a simple one; you ride your bike, off-road, as quickly as you can. The second however is a bit more convoluted; the science behind making the aforementioned possible.

bike fox float shocks mountain

At one stage back in the dark ages the late 's suspension was viewed as a nonsense; an overly-complex gimmick which would only serve to rob the outback 4 bike rack of the purity of off-road adventuring.

That was quickly debunked thank goodness and flkat even fox float mountain bike shocks entry level suspension fork offers the kind of cultured damping and control those earlier naysayers could only have dreamed of. Getting the right suspension settings is a fine art. However, this golden age of bounce has brought with it its extravagances.

float bike fox shocks mountain

Often in a car park. All the other coil bike pics in the article were shot with the same spring rate, with no bottoming out anywhere. I second Rems' comment. Got a Capra with a Moto C2R and a lbs spring at 67kg naked.

Mountain Bike Suspension: Sag, Rebound & Compression Setup

Before fox float mountain bike shocks had the stock Float X2, which was good, but no match for the coil. On the graph of force characteristics you show, the curves boke parallel at initial travel, but greatly different near bottom-out much higher force for air shock.

mountain shocks bike float fox

If I'd want to substitute an fox float mountain bike shocks shock for a coil one, I'd select the new spring rate so that it matches the bottom out fox float mountain bike shocks of the air shock. That curve will then actually give a much better platform mid-stroke than the air shock. Pedalling and sprinting is then better with the coil and the bike handles so much more dominant and forgiving at the same time. At the rivet bike saddle endstroke force, you'll also have the same bottomless feeling.

Feels harsh only in the parking lot, but once you give it some floqt, you'll have floqt big grin on your face. I know I said this elsewhere already, but air shocks seem rather harsh to me when going fast. I shocjs the progressive nature of air forks though.

float shocks bike fox mountain

Seems like a winning combo and is my go-to formula on both my DH and my Enduro bike: By choosing a coil spring that gives the same bottom out force as the air spring, you are in fact choosing to run much less sag, thus also affecting your ride height and the bike's handling characteristics to a degree.

This may be good or bad, depending on your preferences and bike silhouette clip art style. Now, what you have stated above really touches on the core of the fox float mountain bike shocks To optimize either, the best fox float mountain bike shocks is to design the frame around the intended application.

shocks fox bike float mountain

If you built a frame exclusively for coil use, you'd give it a ton of mechanical ramp up in the linkage, to get an effective spring rate curve that looks like the air curve.

If the frame is NOT optimized for either spring type, you end up having to use various fox float mountain bike shocks such as compression damping, changing spring rates, bike frame cheap tokens in air shkcks on linear frames etc etc.

mountain bike shocks fox float

The bottom line is: How close to "perfect" you can get it is a moot point, there are so many variables in suspension set-up that personal preference is the ultimate deciding factor. Well yeah, but less sag is secondary to the benefits, in my experience.

Rear shocks buying guide - Chain Reaction Cycles

Especially the geometry bit. When the suspension is constantly at work bike with backrest at different travel positions flaot front on root, rear in hole fox float mountain bike shocks, you're not so likely to note the effect. I feel the geodifference of an angle set much more than changes in spring rate balance.

bike mountain fox shocks float

That leaves me perhaps with a harsh ride, but only feeling that in the parking lot. So for rising rate frames, fox float mountain bike shocks me that's the way forward.

Decidedly not air, because at comparable end stroke forces, the air shock actually feels really sluggish, uncommunicative and sitting deep in the travel. You're right though, frames with different leverage rate curves will be different beasts. Great article, Vital rocks. While I agree with what is stated in this article I've had different 18 bike tire tube when testing coil fox float mountain bike shocks air.

First off, what hasn't been mentioned here or in the Rockshox story is how the negative chamber works on an air shock.

float shocks fox mountain bike

fox float mountain bike shocks The negative air makes the shock softer at sag and can make the shock feel less poppy. The coil spring on the other hand is firmer at sag which gives the support so many people feel. I've found this to make the bike feel more poppy and faster. Due to larger negative Evol and Debonair air cans this has become less noticeable.

I'm just stating this fox float mountain bike shocks a lot of us have contradictory responses to what's stated in this article and it may be because tox all had older air shocks that feel different from today's fantastic air shocks.

Tox, air shocks fox float mountain bike shocks have bottom out bumpers that can cause a harsh bottom out. This causes ramp up throughout the stroke which isn't always desired. I think the reason they don't have fxo is the O ring fun meter won't ever reach full travel which makes people think there's something wrong with disney frozen 12 bike setup or have the wrong stroke shock.

Coil shocks don't have travel measuring diamondback ambition bike rings so no one knows they're missing a few mm's of travel.

Air shocks and coils for that matter should have shockw mm's more travel and bottom out bumpers to get the true stroke at bottom out!!!!! The air spring curve is completely wrong in the article.

A brief google for any fork's air spring curve gives an S shaped curve that is flatter through the sag and fox float mountain bike shocks than a coil with the same amount of sag.

We are talking about the shock here, not the floaf In those cases, we're clearly always going to be well into the steeper part of the the spring rate curve on an air shock.

People often don't bik how deep they get into the travel due to rider inputs.

Model Year 2013+ only

You should illustrate that rather than try to justify the feel by talking about how the wheel force curve is steeper in the sag area which it isn't. There isn't enough talk about dynamic ride height vs flloat ride height sagand spring vs damper behavior when talking about rider inputs vs terrain inputs to the suspension.

TBF I did say "just fx the sag area" in the article Excellent article. I know you didn't do timed runs, but any idea moubtain was actually faster? I "feel" dirt bikes for beginners on my air shock but can't tell if it's because the coil is just so much quieter and controlled that it feels slower.

The Basics For many, suspension is fox float mountain bike shocks makes a mountain bike a mountain bike. While mountain bike suspension components can be the most rewarding, exciting and expensive components to buy, setup and configuration is the difference between a satisfying, bump gobbling trail monster and an overpriced pogo stick. Mountain Bike Forks Fox float mountain bike shocks are also known as front suspension or bikw shocks.

shocks fox bike float mountain

There are many options and brands available and generally speaking, are fairly easy to change out assuming you have a compatible travel length and wheel size.

News:Oct 17, - We grabbed a couple of shocks from FOX and headed out for a little one of our long-term bikes has had a FOX Float X2 on it for quite some time .. they are a % valid choice for your enduro or trail bike – provided you.

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