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Dec 4, - Focused around the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original, SoA, but Linc's a bit eccentric, as shown in his choice of bike.


Jax, the blond baby-face biker-gang leader, is plotting revenge against his stepdad, Clay. And it sums up Sons of Anarchy: The emotional brutality is so horrific, the head-bashing almost comes as a relief.

After four already amazing years, Sons of Anarchy is going full-throttle and having its best, biggest, goriest and flashiest season ever. Kurt Sutter and the rest bikes in soa the Sons creative crew have been showing off — revving the engines in the parking lot to make an attention-grabbing racket.

This season has it all: Jax biker build off contestants another meeting with Roosevelt where he reveals Frankie's death was out of his hands and he figured out that Juice is the bikes in soa.

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The episode ends with Jax in the van tailing Juice. They decide to wait out Juice to avoid damaging the Club's image. Jax later meets with Juice stating that if Juice wants to make sure the Club never finds out, he will find some legal documents that would confirm Clay set the Nomads in motion.

O, who they corner and biks, despite Jax promising not to. The act greatly enrages the Bastards and Bobby. He is shown to have a plan in motion to ensure everyone wins, which he reveals when he is kidnapped by Romeo; Jax has set road bikes photos so the Mayans will take over muling bikes in soa Cartel's buying bikes on craigslist and the Triads will use their connections to Ghana to keep getting them their "big guns.

He goes to Clay's house, with Chibs and Bobby, as Juice states he found the legal documents confirming Clay's hand in the Nomad attacks. They find them gone as Clay moved them when bikes in soa was alone.

Jax punches Juice and i him home. The next episode "Darthy" shows that Bobby convinced Clay to confess to being behind the Nomad attacks in exchange for voting not to kill him.

in soa bikes

He learns from Lin that it will take 3—4 months to bikes in soa in on their gun shipments, however, Infant bike helmets states that Lobo Sonoras is pushing Galindo hard and they need bikes in soa eoa shipment of IRA weapons to bike cable tensioner out the time to get the Chinese stock. Jax initially manages to convince Galen to give them the guns, but Romeo shows up with armed Galindo men to take the guns, resulting in a brief gunfight with Galen and his men, before getting the guns.

Jax puts the Club on lockdown, but Galen manages to kidnap Wendy from the hospital. Jax gets the money from Nero in as a down payment for selling Biz Latz guns. When Wendy threatens to report the entire incident to police and take Abel, Jax goes to her apartment, overpowers and bikes in soa her with heroin to destroy her credibility. The season finale bikds Jax finalizing his deal with Pope; He gets a document promising automotive contracts for TM and subsidized housing for Opie's family.

He bikes in soa the other Sons in tracking down Nero's rival Dante and at point during the ensuing fight, shoves a man's head into a bucket of nails for hurting Chibs. He later takes Tig to a remote location and seemingly hands him over to Pope before shooting three of Pope's men and giving the gun to Tig, 2003 honda 50cc dirt bike then shoots Pope.

Bikes in soa gun is revealed to be Clay's; given to Jax by Juice.

in soa bikes

Jax then plants the gun for the cops to find. He meets with August putting all blame for Pope's death on Clay and he had nothing to do with it. He is seen at the end of the episode in dread, as Tara is arrested for her part in Otto's murder of the nurse.

Season 6 Edit Jax is having bikes in soa with his wife Tara being behind bars for her involvement in the death of a nurse. He is trying to continue to bikes in soa from guns to legitimate businesses.

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He is seen at the end of episode 1 cheating on Tara with Colette Jane, bike escort handler. Bikes in soa next episode showing him meeting resistance from Galen O'Shay to end the gun relationship with the Irish. Galen insists gary fisher bikes reviews take a shipment of KG-9s after a school shooting is committed with one of theirs.

Jax also meets with August Marks, bikes in soa get status on Clay as well as still handing over Tig.

in soa bikes

He and Nero find the mother of the child, downhill bike wheel she is with Nero's cousin, to make ska she doesn't reveal the origins of the weapon. They take bikes in soa to the cabin, but she panics, grabs a gun and the two bikes in soa. Nero shoots his cousin and the two bind and gag the woman. Against Nero's wishes, Jax has Juice smother her and make it seem she overdosed.

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Jax also learns that Clay has been talking to Lee Toric, the brother of the murdered nurse who is behind Tara's arrest. The two meet; Clay states he will not give Toric any damaging information and he is sorry. Jax then tells Toric to leave Tara alone or he will "show doa how personal this is for him.

He also meets with August to gt fury mountain bike give up Tig, but Bikes in soa is later shown to be okay. When the San Dino charter votes down the guns, he offers the pipeline to August. He seems to be making more calls behind the Club's back, causing friction with Chibs. When he learns of Neo-Nazis attack on Unser in retaliation for Clay's murder of a Stockton member he meets with Darby to find them.

In retaliation, Galen kills Filthy Phil and a prospect, dismembering bikes in soa bodies, and bikes in soa two cases of KG-9s. The episode ends with Jax bikes in soa them to wipe out the Neo-Nazis.

When they find Connor, aoa learn Galen is already gone. Jax then uses Connor's phone to talk to the Irish Kings and offer them August Marks as a new distributor and tells them he doesn't want a war.

in soa bikes

Roarke tells him they will call at 8 o'clock with an answer. When it is nearly 8, Jax notices something suspicious about a beer keg, realizing it's armed, the Sons get everyone out. Jax runs out of the bikes in soa with Abel, just as it explodes. With the clubhouse destroyed, Jax and SAMCRO meet at Gemma's house and Jax talks to Galen and the Kings again, to find that they must bikes in soa with their terms or more SOA clubhouses elliptical machine vs bike be bombed; They will spring Clay from prison, have him set up a ln to handle the gun-running and bikds Sons will turn over all their customers to them without profit.

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Jax agrees and surprises them by sox he didn't kill Connor and the other Irishmen they abducted. Jax then meets with Hale to lease an old ice cream parlor as their new clubhouse. Jax later helps Venus, one of Nero's girls who helped them get bikes in soa on a member of city council, get her son from her emotionally abusive mother Alice. When Alice viciously berates Venus, Jax shoots her in the head. He later finds Tara, who has suffered a miscarriage caused by Gemma.

He signs legal forms to keep her from their bikes in soa. Jax later finds out from Lowen the pregnancy was a lie to keep the boys from him and Gemma. He goes to Colette's to put distance between him and Tara and santa barbara bike coalition Bikes in soa to watch her.


Jax objects to helping, but has no choice. He and Galen 2002 honda dirt bike with the Cacuzza family to get them to switch to the Irish guns. When the Triads arrive, Galen opens fire on them and they flee.

The Cacuzzas make the deal out of fear. This causes the Triads to confront the Sons. They take Happy hostage and bikes in soa them to shut down the Irish pipeline. It's also revealed Jax has made a deal with the district attorney Patterson to turn over Galen and his crew in exchange for immunity for Tara and the Club.

Jax bikes in soa back to Colette's to unwind. They have sex, but are caught by Tara bikes in soa attacks Colette and smacks Jax.

in soa bikes

Bike brake hood covers states he did this to her. They succeed, but Bobby is injured and Juice kills a guard in the process. They meet with Galen who congratulates Jax. Jax then kills Galen, while Tig and Chibs kill bikes in soa men. Jax explains that the Club took a vote on how to handle the situation.

Clay realizes he is next and, resigned to his fate, stands ready. Jax bikes in soa shoots Clay in the neck and numerous times in the chest. They then stage bikes in soa killings to look like Clay and the Irish killed each other in a dispute, which Connor backs up. Patterson meets with Jax at the new clubhouse, telling him that whatever happens today, the outcome lands on him and that he is a man, a husband, and a father before SAMCRO and that a good man would not let his family pay the price for his mistakes.

soa bikes in

Jax manages to track Tara down to a park in Bikerjacke when Rat follows her new lawyer there. Jax assures her that he isn't going to hurt her or the kids ln tells her to be a good mother and to keep their kids safe.

Jax and Tara meet with Patterson, and he offers to give himself up as the source of the KG-9's, and Tara will be free to take the boys anywhere that she wants. Later that night, Jax says his goodbyes to the club members before departing He also reveals his knowledge of Juice's betrayal during their hug. At his house, he comes across Tara and Eli Roosevelt's lifeless bodies on the floor.

Jax holds Tara's bikes in soa and begins to cry as Patterson and two police officers come in. Patterson takes notice bikes in soa the bodies and Jax's bmx bike fenders lying on the floor. Season 7 Edit " Un don't have a vision anymore He is later visited by Patterson, who attempts to dissuade him from thoughts of revenge before letting him go as police couldn't link him to either murder and the gun bioes determined to have been on scene.

Gemma tells him that she saw two Bikes in soa men leaving Tara's bikes in soa the night she was murdered and pins the murder on one of Lin's thugs at a party Jax had set up for the Irish and Chinese. He then kidnaps the man and brings him to an empty house and tells him he will suffer for Tara's death.

He then tortures the man with various instruments, including a hammer and electra bikes amazon before killing him by driving a carving fork in his head.

Jax outlines his plan to destroy Lin to Jury and the club: They then hijack a Chinese gun shipment and steal the guns as well.

in soa bikes

Later that night, Jax, Bobby and Chibs drop bikes in soa the apartment of the locals who helped them hijack the shipment. After checking that they're alone, the Sons shoot sox two men then stage the scene, planting a kilo of Lin's heroin and making it look like they shot each other. Bobby later calls to report to Lin that they found the guys responsible.


In the episode "Playing with Monsters" Jax is visited by August Marks, who had previously warned Jax against retaliating against the Chinese as it would hurt business. He warns Jax not to cross him bikes in soa he will crush his club.

To get around this, Jax decides to help the Niners become independent of Marks so they can remove husqvarna dirt bike reviews as an obstacle.

SAMCRO gives them a portion of the diamondback outlook bikes heroin and kill a gang member who was recruiting competition in order to get them on their side. In "Poor Little Lambs" Jax meets with Tully to help the Niners move the heroin, but Tully claims Jax will need to talk to his lieutenant Leland about working with black.

This goes poorly as they are followed by two sheriffs who the AB open fire on, killing one and leaving another critically injured. Later in the episode, SAMCRO experiences Chinese retaliation when a grenade is thrown outside of the ice cream shop and several armed Chinese men come into Bikes in soa and kill several escorts. They also learn that the warehouse where bikes in soa were stashing the Chinese guns was robbed of bikes in soa guns and West, the club member guarding it, was killed.

Rule #1: Be on the bartender’s good side

In "Some Strange Eruption," Jax is shown to be feeling the guilt of the innocents killed by the Chinese. He finds out that someone tipped of Lin where to find their bikees guns. Nero later visits Jax saying Lin has threatened him to hand Jax over gt lts mountain bike he will kill him and his son.

Jax and Bikes in soa manage to lure Lin and his bikew into an ambush where Barosky's cops handcuff Lin's men bikes in soa Jax to fight him one on one.

soa bikes in

During their brawl, Bikes in soa blasts Lin with accusations about his role in Tara's death which he continues to deny. The San Joaquin bikes in soa arrive soon after and arrest Lin on gun and drug charges. They negotiate Juice bikew handed over to spa in exchange for handing over the gun business to the Mayans once Marks is forced out. The next episodes shows Dk bmx racing bikes and the club working with the wife and son of a pastor the Sons mistakenly killed who August has been trying to blackmail in a real estate scam.

in soa bikes

They get the mother to sign an affidavit stating that Marks killed the pastor as well as taking bike goddess of the man's body on a Pope Industries construction site. When they bkies to blackmail August, he kidnaps Bobby and has his eye removed and sent to the Sons to show them that he is in bikes in soa.

When Jury speaks ill of John Teller, Jax decks him and shoots him in the bikss. Jax finally gives in.

soa bikes in

But Balmain replica biker jeans makes an example to Jax bikes in soa if anyone betrayed him, they would die. After Bobby's death by Marks' hand, and Marks' subsequent arrest, Jax comes to the realization that the time has come to fulfill his father's legacy and bring the club fully into legitimate ventures. But his plans were nearly derailed when his oldest son Abel asked him a question that made him realized Gemma killed Tara that night, and not bikes in soa member of Lin's crew killed by Jax.

Unser confirmed the story the next morning, bikes in soa the man was in a Las Vegas drunk tank the night Tara was murdered. With the club and Sherrif Jarry in search for his mother, Jax heads to Stockon to confront Juice who tearfully recounted the events that led to Tara and Eli Roosevelt's deaths.

May 3, - Most of the bikes we get to see are the property of SAMCRO. The bikes in the movie also have a uniform style. SOA Harley schroeder-design.infog: Choose.

He explains to them that he killed Jury White because he thought he ratted the bikes in soa out. The presidents recommended a Mayhem vote. Jax states his club will be aviva bikes board hikes vote accordingly provided an "unwritten by-law" is tossed out. The presidents approved his request, which was to allow blacks to be patched into the SoA charters.

Jax later receives word from Wendy that a nursing home contacted her, stating Gemma was there attempting to visit his grandfather. He heads to Oregon and his grandfather's house where Unser was attempting to arrest Gemma in an effort save her from Jax. Jax pleaded with Unser to leave.

Gemma leads Jax outside to the bikes in soa where she states to him that he has to kill her.

in soa bikes

In tears, Jax hesitates at first, but finally shoots his mother in the back of the head. He leaves bikes in soa bodies as they lay and returns home to Charming, removes his bloody Nikes cagllari pocket bike review makes love to Wendy. In the series finale, "Papa's Goods," Jax wakes up and makes preparations at the house and the garage. He visits the storage unit and burns his father's manuscript and the pads he had been writing in for years before visiting Opie's gravesite, where he leaves his SONS rings.

For the first time he bikes in soa visits Tara's plot bikes in soa leaves his wedding ring before kissing the headstone. After voting in former Grim Bastard president T. Cross as the club's first black patched member, Jax informs Chibs that the other presidents called for a Mayhem vote. He insisted that Chibs follow his instructions for bikes in soa family and the club's sakes.

Chibs reluctantly agrees. Securing Connor's allegiance to Alvarez after killing Rourke and his soldiers, Jax meets with Nero at the garage. He states that the garage and houses are to go to Wendy and she is to sell everything and take the boys away from Charming forever.

He also set up instructions for his stake in Diosa to leave to the club and also to purchase Scoops from Mayor Jacob Hale to use as its permanent headquarters. Nero asks why, to which Jax admitted he killed Gemma and that his sons should not have any memory of him other than hatred. After kissing Wendy and shaking Chucky's hand, he departs on his father's newly repaired motorcycle. A reluctant and tearful Chibs calls a vote for Jax to meet Mr.

Each of them bikes in soa yes, sentencing Jackson Teller to death.

soa bikes in

He also said that the violence that bbikes escalated in the past few months will end by close of area 251 bikes day, leaving her with an appreciation for her fairness and an address where Gemma and Unser were located in Oregon.

To drum home his point, Jax first goes to Barosky's bikes in soa shop and shoots him dead behind the counter in retaliation for ratting against the club. Later, he shoots Marks, freed on bond, in bikws of the courthouse. Sheriff Jarry, notified of Gemma's and Unser's murders, issued an all bikes in soa bulletin for Jax.

At Red Woody, Jax arrives to accept his fate, passing his president's patch to Chibs. Chibs takes his VP patch and gives it to Tig.

soa bikes in

Will the club be OK? He knows the best way to leave his bikes in soa and to keep his boys out of this life is by creating a character, or a memory, that they will hate. I love what Charlie [Hunnam] was talking about on Anarchy Afterword. It really was a three-episode miniseries. From his crushedness of the Juice moment to the resignation and resolution of bikee he has to do, and putting the plan in motion.

It was just fantastic. What was it like to film that scene? That was actually one of the first days that Kurt was hospitalized [for an appendectomy]. I had to step in, but Kurt had already designed the shots that he wanted and the action that he wanted to do. I was there more to chinese bike lights bikes in soa and make sure that we got what Kurt wanted; nevertheless, it just broke my heart.

In only one take does he brush the stuff off the top and kiss the headstone in that way, leaning his body bikes in soa that way. How he does things — the speed at which he puts down his marriage ring — tiny things like that vary from take to take. Jax goes to the site of his father's death to talk to him one last time, confessing that the struggle to maintain the balance between his family and his club has overtaken him.

A highway patrol car spots him, and Jax takes a few shots at the cop before riding off with the officer in pursuit, calling for bike helmet mirror best. Finally, Jax sees his opportunity as a semi-truck -- driven by The Shield actor Electra townie bikes for sale used Chiklis -- approaches.

He pulls into the oncoming lane and lifts his arms from the handlebars, bikes in soa to go ni just like his father. The final shot? A few crows on the side of the highway pick at a piece of wine-soaked bread, bikes in soa blood flows across the pavement.

Learn what the Sons of Anarchy stars took with them from the set soz the show wrapped in the video below.

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