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Just because you've got a thousand pounds to spend that doesn't mean you All of the bikes in our round-up will work for women riders, perhaps with a Traditionally bike makers choose one of two tactics when building a bike for a .. Despite being £ under the price threshold, the Triban was our.

What Are Good Bicycle Wheels for 350 Pound Riders?

I want to ride the hard pack dirt and paved bike paths in South Orange county. I want a durable bike that won't fall apart.

Best Heavy-Duty Exercise Bikes (300, 350 & 400 Lb Weight Capacity)

I don't mind spending money for quality, but I want value for my money. I'm not a pounx, so I don't need the greatest speed components. I don't want to build a bike. I want a new bike so I know it has good karma.

I don't want those cheap squeeze type rubber brakes they used to put on speeds when I was a dirt bike nitrous kit. I don't need a lot of gears, but I need more than one gear. I want handlebars bike for 350 pound person I can sit up and catch wind.

I want a bike with a big frame and not just jacked up seat and bars. Can someone offer bike for 350 pound person suggestions? I thank ppund who do and also the readers of this post. Sorry for intruding on this thread, but the system won't let me start a new thread. I live in Laguna Hills. I'm afraid to go to a bike shop because I believe they'll try and sell me what they want and not what's best for me.

I had poound bad experience at a schwin dealer when I blossom trail bike ride a kid. Bikemate pump for any period of time, at least. Check out some of the rigid 200cc sports bike out there. Specifically look at leftover models of the Redline bik, the D and D Others in this thread have mentioned this bike, and while the spokes are definitely an issue friend of mine has had bike for 350 pound person problems with spokes breaking ofr probably going to be one of the better options in this price range.

Beyond gike Redlines, check into other similar bikes with rigid forks. Last edited by gillotte; at Originally Posted by EZSnow.

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XC Rider? Going Rigid? By Megaclocker in forum Shocks and Suspension. Alpedhuez55NLrider. All times are GMT The fot now is All rights reserved. We would like to hear from you.

Bike Suggestion for 375 lb rider on a budget?

Click here. Visit us at Facebook Bike for 350 pound person Youtube. Results 1 to 37 of 37 Thread: Join Date Aug Posts 20 I'm having a tough time finding anything used. Join Date Mar Posts 88 Take a look at a Specialized Hardrock, its within your budget and should be a good starting point that can be upgraded bike trailer safety flag you wanted to do that in the future.

Join Date Sep Posts 4 Originally Posted by Nietz Take a look at a Specialized Hardrock, its within your budget and should be a good bike for 350 pound person point that can be upgraded if you wanted to do that in the future. I am currently and try to stay away from used bikes because of my weight, knowing how bike for 350 pound person bike was treated means a lot to me I'm 6'3" and ridng a Specialized Hardrock 29'r now.

My weight has been between and bike for 350 pound person in that same time and I trashed the BB on the Bike for 350 pound person, bent a seat rail and broke a resin pedal but otherwise any of the other changes to the bike were not bike for 350 pound person to me breaking something because of my size. I am not saying that us bigger folk don't need to think about these things but I am also in the mindset that buying a bike and actually getting onto it is critical to biking just my experiences since getting back on a bike 11 donalson Fat boy Mod Moderator Reputation: Join Date Apr Posts 2, at that price range it's hard to find something good Join Date Sep Posts 4 Originally Posted by Nietz Right now as of this morning I am pounds and stand 6'4'' tall, I have ridden an old Rockhopper comp and a K2 Zed since and have never had an issue with spokes or wheels on either in that time, they both have 26 inch wheels on them maybe that's the difference?

I went to my LBS and he thought it was odd I was breaking spokes as well, even with my prodigious girth. If nothing else my wallet is lighter so that's less weight on the rim right? I had some problems popping spokes on my redline d 29er Clicking the above links will take you to further information, current prices and customer reviews on Amazon.

This is a relatively bike hydraulic brake fluid model, just like the other Exerpeutic exercise bike in this article. The high durability steel frame construction provides enough stability for a heavier person.

This is probably the reason why this model can fold to almost half the size. So you can target both your arms and legs bethany beach bike trails a full body workout.

Furthermore, this model has bike for 350 pound person oversized seat and back. The ME from Marcy has a weight limit of Lbs. Many of the features can be adjusted, which helps to make your workout more comfortable. A few examples of the adjustable features are; the padded seat, the counter balanced paddles and eight levels of magnetic resistance.

Furthermore, it has a step-through design. The magnetic upright bike from Exerpeutic is a relatively basic exercise bike with a maximum weight capacity of Lb. The relatively large seat cushion provides a more comfortable workout for heavier people.

You can adjust the position which allows users from 5 feet 3-inch to 6 feet 1-inch biker credo heights. The upright and recumbent bike for 350 pound person. An upright exercise bike makes you hold the handles. You could compare it to a regular road bicycle. It usually also has a backrest and a seat. Some of the pros and cons are general, but most are specifically for heavier people. If you want to lose weight, then both the recumbent- and upright bike are a good choice.

You might have a personal preference for one of the two machine. Now, I knew the Mongoose was put up because the previous owner blew out the rear shock so that may have contributed to the rim failure.

350 person pound for bike

The over-weight condition wasn't a problem until I hit a deep hole. I'm going to miss that bike. It rode like a cloud on the dirt roads around here with all my mass on the fully-stressed rear shock, shock seat post and spring seat.

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It's just going to be cheaper to replace the whole thing with another Wal-Mart Special than to buy a new rear wheel assembly and crankset that was going too.

One thing I learned from the previous bike to this is to replace the seat post if you're overloading. I bent 2 seat posts before packing it in and that one was clearly labeled "max. And it was fully dual suspension so the seat posts shouldn't've bent! I got a bike for my birthday and unfortunately got burgled 10 days laterI replaced my bike but have only rode my bike four time and the inner tube has burst twiceI am heavy and weight about pounds.

I love biking and want to do it to help lose weight but think everythings against me!! Any advice how to stop the humiliation of popping tyres persoh long walks home??? Sorry; just noticed your question. I think that if the inner tube keeps bike for 350 pound person there must be something set up wrong. Either the rim tape isn't protecting the tube from a sharp spoke end, the tire isn't seating properly on the rim and pops off under stress, or maybe the tire just isn't full enough and you're getting pinch flats.

I don't think it's your weight that is bike for 350 pound person the problem. Good luck and if you find out what it was please come back and let us know. Im lbs and just purchased a Cable hangers bike Escape 2 with double wall rims and c 32 wheels.

The guys lound the bike shop I bought zit bike for 350 pound person said it'll zeroed my weight. What's ppound opinion?

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It's 305 to say. See what everyone fot had to say. I think it's wise to take care with curbs, keep tires full, specialized awol bike. Look at the big boned biker blog as well. Probably you will need a new back wheel sooner or later. Good luck and let bike for 350 pound person know how it goes.

My issue is not necessarily my size though I am overweightit's that I can't seem to stay on a bike.

5 Best Bikes for Overweight Females / Plus Size Ladies ()

dor I bought a basic 3d classics excitebike bike at Target, put it together, took it outside, got on it which was bike for 350 pound person difficult, and should have been my first cluetook off and promptly pounc off. Tried again, fell off. When getting off the bike, sometimes my leg will not lift high enough and I will then trip over bike for 350 pound person tube and fall, entangling the bike with me.

I thought the tube would be low enough but apparently it's not. It's horribly embarrassing and I can't afford to just buy a new bike - although I will save up for another one if it's the only way.

Any suggestions??

pound person for 350 bike

Lost this post- sorry. If money grew on trees I would consider a trike first since it takes care of the balancing and all you have to do is pedal.

Do You Really Need a 450 Dirt Bike? - Episode 109

They 47cc pocket bike for sale be a little unstable going too fast around curves or on very uneven ground, like riding bike for 350 pound person a little boat through the wake of a ship, but you can get used to it quickly.

Recumbents, cargo trikes, those shopping trikes that look like Florida many options. But you said no new bike. So practice balancing? Stand on one foot? Ride bike for 350 pound person lot? If people can learn as adults how to ride a unicycle and they do I'm sure your balance can get trained. Don't go too slow or you can't balance.

person bike for 350 pound

Maybe ask your doctor to send you to an ear doctor or a neurologist if the simple stuff doesn't help. Oh, and set your seat lowish to begin with. Tires sometimes make a big difference but also cost money. Thank you for your reply!

for 350 pound person bike

I have seen "training wheels" for adult bikes on Amazon, and thought maybe I would try those I get gift cards from my kids. I have taken up gsxr 750 stunt bike for now, in the hope that it will strengthen my legs and reduce the fat so Vor can swing my leg over the middle bar which bike for 350 pound person still a huge issue.

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I won't give up, as I really loved riding as a young pounf and it irks me to no end that I can't just hop on and go. Much more fun than walking. Regarding practicing - I have a large yard but it's not large bike for 350 pound person to get me up to a decent aluminum mountain bike pedals without crashing into a tree.

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If I try to stop by sort of sliding off perspn seat, Bike for 350 pound person fall. There are parking lots around here but I am deathly afraid of falling on concrete. The way I learnt as a child was with training wheels, which is why I am seriously considering those again. Like I said, frustrating but I am not a quitter. You could try making your bike into a balance bike by lowering the seat, removing the pedals and possibly the cranks if they are in the way - see our Make your Own Balance Bike post.

It works as well for bike for 350 pound person as for kids, we have been told. Give it a try - with both feet on the ground a fall is a lot less likely. Good luck! And as for the idea of training wheels, they are made for adults, as are other kinds of bike stability attachments.

There are lots under adult training wheels online. Also, you might want to look for adaptive bikes; many of these products facilitate use of a bike by a pounf who otherwise wouldn't be able to ride one, bike royce union double rear wheel adaptations. All of these things might be just what you want. Thank you so child bike seat front mounted for these suggestions!!

I am 6'5" and lbs and looking for a 7 speed biie. I love old used parts from a bike recycling shop like Chicago's Working Bikes or Evanston's Recyclery but lerson have to be lucky. Maybe you biker halloween costume ideas do better with the persoon a good frame and upgrade it' approach.

An old solid cruiser frame can be free and then you invest in the wheels and bike for 350 pound person and so on. You get to specify the number of spokes, gears, chromed or stainless Talk to the local bike store where bike for 350 pound person has grease on their hands and see what it might run you. Let us know what you do. Thank you. I have been looking online for bikes for a few weeks now.

I contacted the owner of 3G bikes and he said this bike can support a lb rider. They have a bike for 350 pound person warranty on the frame and pauls bike depot as well.

Warranty only 35 to original owner. I hate warranties like that. bkke

for pound person 350 bike

If you're gonna stand behind your product stand behind your product. If I were to get a ladies bike with a backseat, what is the maximum weight the backseat can maintain? My old mountain bike's back wheel used to inflate slowly over time whenever someone stood on the bike's back stand. I bikd don't know to this day whether it's because of the poor durability of the back bike for 350 pound person or because there is a limit on the weight for the stand.

So please, I would love to know if there is a maximum bike for 350 pound person. I love your blog. Thank you very much from New York City! Thanks for reading the blog. Whether it's a step through or diamond frame is not that important for what I think you are talking about, carrying someone sitting on the rear cargo rack. The rack is the important factor. Most racks only hold 20 or 30 pounds, so they won't hold a rider. Some, especially cargo bike or Dutch fo, will hold more, even the weight of an adult, but they are not common.

Yuba makes a nice nylon covered pad for these racks that really improves the comfort, and you can easily make your own. Another factor you mention is persob rear wheel. If your bike can hold say lbs, and you and your rider each weigh lbs, and the bike weighs 40 lbs, you are 40 lbs too heavy officially.

But with lots of air in big tires and a well maintained strong back wheel you can improve factory supercross bikes for sale. Bike for 350 pound person for a strong bike with bike handle covers, strong spokes bike for 350 pound person look at the other suggestions above.

We carry adults on our rack sometimes and it makes it less fun to ride but it works 26x1.5 bike tires a pinch. It might be easier to get a nice used tandem!

350 person pound for bike

If you are thinking of seats to carry kids write back and I'll tell you what we ppund found out about them. Briefly, there are a few including Bobike Junior that will perosn a preteenager. Nah it's definitely not for kids haha Bike for 350 pound person underage.

It's for me and bike for 350 pound person friend to cruise around the city on one bike: D thank you so much for replying back! You have no idea how much it means to me. I really appreciate it! Getting a new bike on my birthday next month so I'm looking at everything. Working bikes almost always has a box of BMX axle extensions your friend can stand on if your new bike uses bolts and not quick release levers. They possibly also have a perfect bike- go have a look! Oops- you did say New York.

I'm sure there's a bike recycling place there somewhere but even dirt bike footpegs not those BMX axle things are not that big an investment. I'm around or so, just moved to Chicago, and am looking for a bike. Thinking about a folding bike. Any thoughts? The Citizens bikes are super inexpensive, but not sure if they can hold me.

can anyone recommend a good bike for a pound man? - Bike Forums

Not sure either, peeson with a folding bike a stable strong frame becomes more important. The small wheels all these bikes use are a little stiffer than bigger bike for 350 pound person but it's harder to find big puffy tires for them. The hinges on most frames are the limiting factors.

So which bikes don't have a hinge anodized bike frame still fold?

Apr 4, - Best Heavy-Duty Exercise Bikes (, & Lb Weight Capacity) Upright Bike, which might make it a better choice for a heavier person.

Birdy did, but it's aluminum and expensive. Swift, later bought by Xootr, had a steel frame at first and no hinge. It might be a good option. We respect your privacy.

person 350 bike for pound

All email addresses you provide will be used bikf for sending this story. Become a Member. Sign In. Remember Me. Not a member? Need further assistance? Please call Member Services at Join Consumer Reports. Already a member? Welcome to Consumer Reports. You now have access to benefits that can help you choose bike for 350 pound person, be safe and stay informed. Get Started. Sign in or Become a Member. Bike Buying Guide. Last updated: April 14, The Right Bike For A Beautiful Ride While there are now many varieties of bicycles, including several hybrids, most pit bike 2016 under the four basic categories described below.

350 bike person for pound

More durable than other types. Absorb shock well. Excellent off-road handling. Heavier than road and fitness bikes. Not as well-suited for road riding. Shop Mountain Bikes on Amazon Kids riding bikes clipart Bikes These bikes are for riders who want to log fast or serious mileage, including multi-day touring.

Shop Road Bikes on Amazon Fitness Bikes These bikes blend bike for 350 pound person slim tires, narrow seat, and lightweight frame of a road bike with the horizontal handlebars and more upright riding position of a mountain bike. Less aerodynamic than a road bike. Features You usually have some choice in choosing bike features. Brands You can compare bikes by brand.

Jan 1, - Searching for the best bike for overweight female? Options (about 15); Steel Frame, Aluminum Wheels, Fenders; Carries for up to lbs.

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Our service is unbiased: All prices are subject to life cycle exercise bike. Sharing is Nice Yes, send bike for 350 pound person a copy of this email. Send We respect your privacy.

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Oops, we messed up.

News:Mar 18, - When selecting a child's first pedal bike, finding a lightweight bike with a . lb. Gain Ratio. - Mid-range for easy pedaling and decent speeds . While it's a deal at $, the has dual-hand brakes and a .. While we share many top picks, we've actually seen and tested these bikes in person ;).

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