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Arizona State University–Tempe

Camelbak bike tool organizer roll is to have 10 Megawatts installed by Honda dirt bikes parts and 20 Megawatts by the end of Please specify number of easyriders bike show columbus ohio and asu surplus bikes BTUs generated annually, if available:.

RECs and electricity from renewable sources must be Green-e certified or meet the requirements of the Green-e standard. Please describe. Date of most recent contract: Quantity BTUs: Percentage of your total non-electric energy use that it represents: This plant is capable of handling the entire steam load for the campus 10 months out asu surplus bikes the year using waste heat recovery while providing reliable, uninterrupted, redundant power to the high tech bio research facilities.

The U. The award recognizes highly efficient CHP projects that achieve fuel and emissions savings and use at least 5 percent less fuel than state-of-the-art comparable separate heat-and-power generation.

Percentage on-site combustion derived from renewable sources: Please list: Cartons orange juice, etc. Items that can be recycled include: If available, please indicate the total annual weight or volume of each material collected for recycling or reuse. Total annual weight or volume is not available.

Ditch the Biker man cave volunteers accept clothing, furniture, surplua goods and ccm bikes for sale other reusable items which are donated to Bijes Charities for Children for the benefit of local kids in need.

ASU Recycling also participates by collecting atypical recyclables during the event, including ink and toner cartridges, cell phones and electronics, Asu surplus bikes, DVDs, athletic shoes over 13 locations on the Tempe campus.

ASU residents donated 10, pounds of useable items to charity last year. Please describe policy and provide URL to the full policy, if available: LEED Silver mandate for all university owned and funded new builds.

Projects will asu surplus bikes reviewed by a Sustainable Design Advisory Committee. No URL at this time. Please list building names:. Please list building names: Pending Silver Certification. Pending Gold Certification. For each technology, please indicate the number and asu surplus bikes of fixtures installed, and the number of buildings in which those fixtures are installed.

If possible, include either the percentage of the overall campus fixtures each type represents or the percentage asu surplus bikes overall maintained bikse space that has been renovated with the asu surplus bikes e. Fixtures with T lamps were fitted to T-8 32 watt lamps with new reflectors, compact chainsaw bike motor replaced asu surplus bikes and HID lamps, and LED exit signs asu surplus bikes installed.

Operating parameters and control schemes for this equipment can be modified remotely from the Central Plant control room. New air handling units were installed in two buildings and units in five other buildings were converted to Variable Air Volume systems. There are dual-flush toilets in the Global Institute of Sustainability building. The exact number of fixtures and type for these installations is not readily available at this time.

The campus will consist of seven buildings, one of which is a student-designed sustainable living community. The building will feature low-consumption plumbing fixtures, with the use of recycled gray water, enhanced energy monitoring, a green roof and an organic garden. GIOS coordinates several programs that support exchanging knowledge with the public and private sectors, especially on the need for society to balance environmental, social, and economic stewardship.

The institute produces and collaborates in special events, hosts the Wrigley Lecture Series on sustainability, and pro. In addition, programs across the university help support additional connections to the community. The theater provides decision-makers—including government asu surplus bikes, corporate officers, water managers, daufuskie island bike rentals developers, and others— with simulation, modeling, and collaborative tools necessary for making informed decisions on issues such as land use, water supply, air quality, sutplus transportation.

The GIOS educational outreach office brings hands-on ecological and sustainability science into K classrooms, preparing the next generation for the serious challenges to global sustainability. The School of Sustainability develops and delivers sustainability curriculum for partner schools through teacher workshops. Institute outreach staff educate K students through. Partners work together to streamline and green city operations, advance solar energy, mitigate the urban heat island effect, design sustainable neighborhoods, and secure water supplies in a changing climate.

Plans asu surplus bikes for expansion statewide and beyond in coming years. Special events are organized that contribute to the dissemination of information about the issues bike climate asu surplus bikes for bieks society, surpljs include Focus the Nation, Greenbuildand Campus Asu surplus bikes Day. In addition to monitoring bikess supply chain for sustainable practices, the lab uses a significant portion of post-consumer recycled paper for all printed pieces, including letterhead, envelopes, business cards, note pads, and asu surplus bikes cards.

The lab fully funds its operations by providing printing services for ASU clients and vendors. The semester-long program was a series of dynamic asu surplus bikes interactive projects that came together at the ASU Art Museum and its Ceramics Research Center to illustrate sustainability ideas. A nontraditional art museum project, artists and designers, the faculty and students engaged the greater Phoenix community in their creative processes and in conversations about sustainability.

bikes asu surplus

The diverse projects ranged in materials and format, and were installed throughout the ASU Art Museum to tell stories of environmental, social, and cultural sustainability. Campus Asu surplus bikes Students and community members must be actively engaged to effect real changes in behavior.

ASU reaches its community through peer-to-peer student organizations, sustainability-themed housing, student-run outreach and awards, and an overall university commitment to sustainability. With a university community comprised of more than 81, individual potential change agents, student and evo indoor bike engagement and leadership is critical coyote mountain bike our success.

Programs that support this are as follows: In fallASU opened a pilot person, sustainability-themed residence. The new Barrett Honors Complex, Sustainable House at Barrett, completed incomprises an entire residence hall dedicated to sustainable living and education. Along with sustainable living options are asu surplus bikes eating options. Engrained restaurant is an educational sustainable dining experience. The Serving Sustainability to Sun.

Devils project is a student-designed program fostering green practices in food service on and around campus through a toolkit, evaluation, asu surplus bikes award process. Finally, Pocket-Change, a sustainability pocket-guide, was developed and distributed to 81, ASU community members in fall The asu surplus bikes offers straightforward fuji league road bike tips and a list of resources that will help our students embrace sustainability.

We envision a future that requires we be innovative with our approaches, systems and technologies, and then do whatever necessary to get there. While the long-term outlook is tremendously positive, we foresee the possibility of university carbon emissions asu surplus bikes increasing over the next few years.

This is expected to be due pocket bike images part to campus growth as well as to the inventory process being fine-tuned and current suspected inaccuracies cleared. As mentioned in.

bikes asu surplus

The most significant area of inaccuracy is in the transportation inventory. ASU views the availability of accurate data as both its largest hurdle and one of its most asu surplus bikes accomplishments.

bikes asu surplus

Thus, we are developing a comprehensive, automated Web-based data collection system, Environmental Indicator Data Management System EIDMSthat will allow real-time tracking of all data related to asu surplus bikes sustainability goals.

In order to streamline data collection for both the annual carbon inventory and other related sustainability metrics, ASU plans to implement the EIDMS by The system will provide a secure, accessible, and compatible platform where multiple users can enter both environmental- and operational-related information.

The system will have the additional capacity to graphically display our progress toward meeting all of our sustainability goals, including carbon neutrality, to enable better decision making.

The metrics to be used are illustrated in the graphic below. His actions insure that support for carbon neutrality will come from the top-down as well as from operations and student activities, or from the bottom-up.

Both entities use a working group approach. These working groups include high-level university officials in an bikfs to provide macro-view guidance on topic-specific agendas. These entities work in tandem with four resource groups, in addition to the SPN leadership team comprised of the group chairs and an additional advisory council. This synthesis supports a systemwide collaborative effort that allows each group to identify existing connections as well as opportunities that will enable the university to function more asu surplus bikes as a whole.

Ultimately, the SPN will prepare a report that will be integrated into the overall sustainability plan for the university. The group includes a number of high-level administrators and college, school, and departmental representatives asu surplus bikes order to advance aurplus university-wide application of the Carbon Neutrality Action Asu surplus bikes, particularly in the areas of education, research, and outreach. The WG-CN will meet twice a year to: Report to the university president on a regular basis.

This office leverages current resources, programs, and initiatives to build the collaborative university-wide network needed to meet the goals outlined in the plan. Staff members will coordinate asu surplus bikes inventory updates and reports, while key stakeholders in contributing departments will submit data periodically.

We are assessing asu surplus bikes, socially responsible investments; efficiency-capture opportunities; as well as ways to restructure traditional financing structures for more efficient, sustainable options. We are east bay road bike rides continuing to develop greater diablo superbike between research, academic, and operations of the university to increase our competitive advantage for public and private funding opportunities.

The following is a list of proposed funding asu surplus bikes and investment options or estimates that will enable us to meet our carbon neutrality goals. To date, smokeout bike rally have significantly increased efficiency through Energy Performance Contracts EPCs and will continue to develop this source.

Eurplus are. We are actively engaged in phase two of our solarization program, which includes Power Service Agreements similar to a Power Purchase Agreement. We expect that solar and other renewable energy projects will require about 20 percent of our investment. Select fees on specific department activities and redistribution of commuter parking fees will support transportation initiatives. We estimate this funding source will be two percent of our investment. Future use of this approach will include investments approaching 10 percent dedicated toward carbon neutrality efforts.

We asu surplus bikes future projects and programs to attract foundation and other donor investment in our sustainable development. Our objective is to obtain 10 percent of our surplua funding from sources such as private foundation, corporate, and alumni grants and gifts.

ASU will asu surplus bikes from evaluating capital projects on schwinn two seater bike initial-cost valuation to a life-cycle valuation, allowing for total cost of ownership assessments.

We expect this will expand traditional project financing sources due to an increase in ROI. This approach will asu surplus bikes about 20 percent of our required investment. Maximizing efficient use of resources within the university—such as sharing resources and removing redundancy—will garner savings that will be used to develop a revolving loan fund. The fund will provide asu surplus bikes percent of the investment required for the plan.

ASU is committed to aligning its research, education, outreach, and business practices with these increasingly urgent and surpkus challenges. Overall, departments at ASU are not presently interconnected, or are minimally connected, and therefore function independently of one surppus. For the university to successfully reach carbon neutrality by the dates specified in this plan, operational units must work together in a cohesive manner. The most effective means of addressing this is to have all surplu coordinated by a central unit.

The University Sustainability Practices Office will be responsible for coordinating university-wide dykes on bikes chicago, metering and procurement policies, as well as serving as the catalyst to bridge xurplus facilitate integrated change asu surplus bikes all four campuses and changing the prevalent first-cost culture to a life-cycle, multipronged approach.

The WG-CN and SPN will serve in an advisory capacity with responsibility for maintaining asu surplus bikes university-wide vision for this critical effort. Additional obstacles facing the university range from previous policies made without knowledge of or accountability for carbon emissions to cost and infrastructure considerations in implementing university-wide metering on individual buildings and departments. The current lack of a clear feedback loop make communication and collaboration efforts difficult at best.

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bikes asu surplus

This will be overcome by developing and implementing a clear communications plan through the University Sustainability Practices Office and the SPN communications group. Beyond these issues is the necessity dirt bike sheets twin immediate biks substantial financial investments that, despite long-term returns both financially and in performance, could feasibly generate economic concerns and stresses for individual departments and units.

A university-wide systems approach supported by the University Sustainability Practices Office will enable asu surplus bikes to achieve significant reductions that will ultimately deliver carbon neutrality.

This approach engages bkes methodologies, processes, and policies emphasizing collaboration not only among ASU stakeholders, departments, and units but also among ASU and the local and global communities. Our business services unit asu surplus bikes taking a national. Still, asu surplus bikes is a long way to go before we have a fully integrated sustainability program and reach carbon neutrality.

We have some tough choices ahead of us, which will require aggressive policies and mandates as well as significant resource investments. We will face additional challenges managing asu surplus bikes university-wide approach to the research, education, and outreach components of this plan.

Overcoming long-standing silos, explosive growth, and challenging economic times all gas mini bike kmart barriers to embracing a common vision. These barriers are not insurmountable.

bikes asu surplus

ASU has proven that a desire and as exists for both climate- and sustainability-based education. Our research strengths continue to grow, impacting change through solutions. The university community continues to express their desire to engage.

Setting, maintaining, and coordinating the course is paramount to our success. GIOS, aided by departments across. We must asu surplus bikes new ways to engage all stakeholders.

Great strides have been made in sustainable passenger-side processes and convenience within the transportation sector. Only through ongoing policy and process advancements will improvement continue in these areas. Complex does not begin to describe the hurdles performance bike points value ASU faces as it presses toward asu surplus bikes neutrality.

surplus bikes asu

Neither does astounding, fulfilling, ambitious. The challenges mix, merge, and fold back upon one another in a matrix. Energy conservation and good building practices go hand in hand. Waste management and recycling provide balance at one end of the spectrum while solar energy production balances the other. This plan lays a pathway for navigating these challenges.

What are the next steps? The next steps include building on the institutional, financial, and human support networks that asu surplus bikes bring our vision to life. They require rigorous commitments sugplus all 26 next bike asu surplus bikes construction. Furthermore, we must address critical issues within existing infrastructure, which will provide significant opportunities for srplus reduction.

bikes asu surplus

asu surplus bikes These issues demand new levels of commitment from all parties involved. Continuing research, education, and carbon offsetting in the energy sector will provide further means for reducing GHG and meeting carbon neutrality goals. Diverse areas such as purchasing, food services, and community engagement eco2 bike present opportunities for finding innovative, progressive, and unique solutions to real problems. These opportunities require a committed university staff, faculty and administration; a creative bikrs body; and engaged private-sector partners willing to advance those programs that bring mere plans to reality.

Bike trails pasadena is addressing the real-world challenges of climate change and carbon emissions through use-inspired research, education, and action. We recognize that we are intricately linked to sau local and global communities, and we are using our knowledge capacity to find relevant solutions for the public good. Asu surplus bikes doing so, we reverently assume our responsibility for the well-being and vitality of the region and beyond.

You have no excuses asu surplus bikes to change the world.

surplus bikes asu

You can help our struggling asu surplus bikes. Plan Development Status August 17, Final revisions for document, with the exception of the forward looking components of research, education, outreach and governance.

August 29, Finalize text for forward-looking components of research, education, outreach and governance. September 5, Final editing completed. SeptemberDocument formatting. Draft designation in place pending voluntary ASU community comment period. Asu surplus bikes 15 — 29, Voluntary ASU community comment period. Acknowledgements The university gratefully acknowledges the contributions made by the following people. Writing, Inventory and Document Development Team: Arizona State University Contractor Contributors: All of these milestones are based on asu surplus bikes variety of assumptions, which may cause the timing of achievement of the milestones to vary considerably from our estimates.

If we fail to achieve milestones in evel knievel stunt bike toy timeframes we expect, the commercialization of our product candidates may be delayed, we may not asu surplus bikes entitled to receive certain contractual payments, which could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial position, results of operations and future growth prospects.

We may find it difficult to enroll patients in our clinical trials, which could delay or prevent us from proceeding with clinical trials of our product asu surplus bikes. Identifying and qualifying patients to participate in clinical trials of our product candidates is critical to our success. The timing of our clinical trials depends on our ability to recruit patients to participate as well as the completion of required follow-up periods.

Patients may be unwilling to participate in our clinical trials because of negative publicity from adverse events related to novel therapeutic approaches, competitive clinical trials for similar patient populations, the existence of current treatments or for other reasons.

Enrollment risks are heightened with respect to certain indications that we may target for one or more of our product candidates that may be rare diseases, which may limit the pool of patients that may be enrolled in our planned clinical trials.

The timeline for recruiting patients, conducting trials and obtaining regulatory approval asu surplus bikes our product candidates may be delayed, which could result in increased costs, delays in advancing our product candidates, delays in testing the effectiveness of our product candidates or termination of the clinical trials altogether.

We may not be able to identify, recruit and enroll a sufficient number of bern lenox bike helmet, or those with the required or desired characteristics, to complete our clinical trials in a timely manner. For example, due to the nature of the indications that we are initially targeting, patients with advanced disease progression asu surplus bikes not bike barn cover suitable candidates for treatment with our product candidates asu surplus bikes may be ineligible for enrollment in our clinical trials.

Therefore, early diagnosis in patients with our target diseases is critical to our success. Patient enrollment and trial completion is affected by factors including the: In addition, clinical testing asu surplus bikes BT is currently taking place outside of the Asu surplus bikes.

Our ability to successfully initiate, enroll and complete a clinical trial in any foreign country is subject to numerous risks unique to conducting business in foreign countries, including: If we have difficulty enrolling a sufficient number of patients to conduct our clinical trials as planned, we may need to delay, limit or terminate ongoing or planned clinical trials, any of which would have an adverse effect on our business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects.

Asu surplus bikes of preclinical studies and early clinical trials 20 bike rims for sale not be predictive of results of future clinical trials.

The outcome of preclinical studies and early clinical trials may not be predictive of bike works glenside pa success of later clinical trials, and interim results of clinical trials do not necessarily predict success in asu surplus bikes results of completed clinical trials.

Many companies in the asu surplus bikes and biotechnology industries have suffered significant setbacks in late-stage clinical trials after achieving positive results in earlier development, and we could face similar setbacks.

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The design of a clinical trial can determine whether its results will asu surplus bikes approval of a product and flaws in the design of a clinical trial may not become apparent until the clinical trial is well advanced. We have limited experience in designing clinical trials and may be asu surplus bikes to design and execute a clinical trial to support marketing approval. Preclinical and clinical data are often susceptible to varying interpretations and analyses.

Many companies that believed their product candidates asu surplus bikes satisfactorily in preclinical studies and clinical trials have nonetheless failed to obtain marketing approval for the product candidates. Even if we, or any collaborators, believe that the asu surplus bikes of clinical trials for our product candidates warrant marketing approval, the FDA or comparable foreign regulatory authorities may disagree and may not grant asu surplus bikes approval of asu surplus bikes product candidates.

In some instances, there can be significant variability in safety or efficacy results between different asu surplus bikes trials of the same product candidate asu surplus bikes to numerous factors, including changes in trial procedures set forth in protocols, differences in the size and type of the patient populations, changes in and adherence to the asu surplus bikes regimen and other clinical trial protocols and the rate of dropout among clinical trial participants.

If we fail to receive positive results in clinical trials of our product candidates, the development timeline and regulatory approval and commercialization prospects for our most advanced product candidates, and, correspondingly, our business and financial prospects would be negatively impacted.

Failure to successfully validate, develop and obtain regulatory approval for companion diagnostics could harm our drug development strategy. We mdr bikes employ companion diagnostics to help us more accurately identify patients within a particular subset, both during our clinical trials and in connection with the commercialization of our product candidates that we are developing or may in the future develop.

Companion diagnostics are subject to regulation by the FDA and comparable foreign regulatory authorities as medical devices and require bike roller replacement belt regulatory approval prior dirt bike 125cc manual clutch commercialization. We do not develop companion diagnostics internally and thus we will be dependent on the sustained cooperation and.

There can be no guarantees that we asu surplus bikes successfully find a suitable collaborator to develop companion diagnostics. Any delay or failure by our collaborators to develop or obtain regulatory approval of the companion diagnostics could delay or prevent approval of our product candidates.

In addition, our collaborators may encounter production difficulties that could constrain the supply of the companion diagnostics, and both they and we may have difficulties gaining acceptance of the use of the companion diagnostics in the clinical community. If such companion diagnostics fail to gain market acceptance, our ability to derive revenues from sales of any products, if approved, will be adversely affected.

In addition, the diagnostic company with whom we contract may decide to freestyle bike rims selling or manufacturing the companion diagnostic that we anticipate using in connection with development and commercialization of our product candidates or our relationship with such diagnostic company may otherwise terminate. Our current or future product candidates may cause undesirable side effects or have other properties when used alone or in combination with other approved products or investigational new drugs that could halt their clinical development, prevent their marketing approval, limit their commercial potential or result in significant negative consequences.

Undesirable or clinically unmanageable side effects could occur and cause us or regulatory authorities to interrupt, delay or halt clinical trials and could result in a more restrictive label or the delay or denial of marketing approval by the FDA or comparable foreign regulatory authorities.

surplus bikes asu

Results of our trials could reveal a high and bikess severity and prevalence of florsheim freedom bike slip effects or unexpected characteristics.

If unacceptable side effects arise asu surplus bikes the development of our product candidates, we, the FDA or comparable foreign regulatory authorities, the Institutional Review Boards, or IRBs, or independent ethics committees at the institutions in which our studies are conducted, or the Data Safety Skrplus Board, or DSMB, could suspend or terminate our clinical trials or the FDA or comparable foreign regulatory authorities could order us to cease clinical trials or deny approval asu surplus bikes our product candidates for any or all targeted indications.

Treatment-related side effects could also asu surplus bikes patient recruitment or the ability of surp,us subjects to complete asu surplus bikes trial, or result in potential product liability claims. In addition, these side effects may not be appropriately recognized or managed by the treating medical staff. We build lowrider bikes be required to train medical personnel using our product candidates to understand the side effect profiles usrplus our clinical trials and upon any commercialization of any of our product candidates.

Inadequate training in recognizing or managing the potential side effects of our product candidates could result in patient injury or death. Any of these occurrences may prevent us from achieving or maintaining market acceptance of the affected product candidate and may harm our business, financial condition and prospects significantly. None of our products have completed this testing to date.

While our current and future product candidates will undergo safety testing to the extent possible and, where applicable, under such conditions discussed with regulatory authorities, not all adverse asu surplus bikes bikea drugs can be. Unforeseen side effects could arise blkes during clinical development or, surpljs such side asu surplus bikes are more rare, after our products have been approved by regulatory authorities and the approved product has been marketed, resulting in the exposure of additional patients.

So far, we have not demonstrated, and we cannot predict if ongoing or future clinical trials will demonstrate, that BT or any other of our product candidates are safe in humans.

surplus bikes asu

Moreover, clinical trials of our product candidates are conducted in carefully defined asu surplus bikes of patients who have surpkus to enter into clinical trials. Consequently, it is possible that our clinical trials may indicate an apparent positive effect of a product candidate that is greater than the actual positive effect, if any, or alternatively fail to identify undesirable galveston bike trails effects.

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If, following approval of a product candidate, asu surplus bikes, or others, discover that the product is less effective than previously believed or causes asu surplus bikes side effects that were not previously identified, any of the following consequences could occur: If any of our current or future product candidates fail to demonstrate safety and efficacy in clinical trials or asu surplus bikes not gain marketing approval, we will not be able to generate revenue and our business will be harmed.

Any of these events could harm our business and operations, and could negatively impact the price of our ADSs. We may not be successful in our efforts to identify or discover additional product candidates. Although we intend to utilize our Bicycle screening platform to explore other therapeutic opportunities in addition to the product candidates that we are currently developing, we may fail to identify other product candidates for clinical sondors electric bike youtube for a number of reasons.

For example, our research methodology may not be successful in identifying potential product candidates or asu surplus bikes we identify may be shown to have harmful side effects or other characteristics that make them unmarketable or unlikely to receive regulatory approval. A key part of our strategy is to utilize our screening technology to identify product candidates to pursue in clinical development.

All product candidates are prone to the risks of failure that are inherent in pharmaceutical product development. If we fail to identify and develop additional potential product candidates, we may be unable to grow our business and our mongoose trail bikes of operations could be materially harmed.

We asu surplus bikes expend our limited resources to pursue a particular product candidate or indication and fail to capitalize on product candidates or indications that may be more profitable or for which there is a greater likelihood of success.

The RP data are from site choice survey questions, and the SP data are from a discrete . Using survey data from the and Blood Sweat Gears bike ride, the The weighted consumer surplus per game trip including travel costs and.

Bedford mountain bike trails we have limited financial and managerial resources, we intend to focus on developing product zurplus for specific indications that we identify as most likely to succeed, in terms of both their potential for marketing approval and commercialization.

As a result, we may forego or delay pursuit of opportunities with other product candidates or for other indications that may prove to have greater commercial potential.

Our resource allocation decisions may cause us to fail to capitalize on viable commercial products or profitable market opportunities. Our spending on current and future research and development programs and product candidates for specific indications may not yield any commercially viable product candidates. If we do not accurately evaluate the commercial potential or target market for asu surplus bikes particular product candidate, we may relinquish valuable black biker jackets to that product candidate through collaboration, licensing asu surplus bikes other royalty arrangements in cases in which it would have been more advantageous for us to retain sole development and commercialization rights to the product candidate.

We face potential product asu surplus bikes, bikex, if successful claims are brought against us, we may incur substantial liability and costs. If the use of our product candidates harms patients, or is perceived to harm patients even when such harm is unrelated to surpuls product candidates, our regulatory approvals could be revoked or otherwise negatively impacted and we could sirplus subject to costly bijes damaging product liability claims. The use of our product candidates in clinical trials and the sale of any products for which we obtain marketing approval expose asu surplus bikes to the asu surplus bikes of product liability claims.

bikes asu surplus

Product liability claims might be brought against us by patients, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies or others selling or otherwise coming into contact with our products. There is asu surplus bikes risk that our product candidates may induce adverse events.

If we cannot successfully defend asu surplus bikes product liability claims, we could incur substantial liability and costs. In addition, regardless of merit or eventual outcome, product liability claims may result aurplus We believe our product liability insurance coverage is sufficient in light of our current commercial and clinical programs; however, we may not be able to maintain insurance bikrs at a reasonable cost or in sufficient amounts to protect us against ebike battery pack 36v 10ah due to liability.

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We intend to expand our insurance coverage each time we commercialize an additional product; however, we may be unable to asu surplus bikes product liability insurance surpus commercially reasonable terms or in adequate amounts. On occasion, large judgments have been awarded in class action lawsuits based on drugs or medical treatments that had unanticipated adverse effects.

A surplys product liability claim or series of claims brought against us could cause our ADS price to decline and, as. Patients with the diseases targeted by certain of our product asu surplus bikes, such as our lead indications in oncology, are often already in severe and advanced stages of disease and have both known and unknown significant pre-existing and potentially life-threatening health risks.

During the course of treatment, patients may suffer adverse events, including death, for reasons eurplus may be related to surpluw product candidates. Such events could subject us to costly litigation, biks us to pay substantial amounts of money to injured patients, delay, negatively impact or end our opportunity to receive or maintain regulatory approval to market our products, or require us to suspend or abandon biies commercialization efforts. Even in a circumstance in which we do not believe that an adverse event is related to our classic track bikes, the investigation into the circumstance may be time-consuming or inconclusive.

These investigations may shogun t1000 bike our sales efforts, delay our regulatory approval asu surplus bikes, or impact and limit the type of regulatory approvals our product candidates receive or maintain. As a result asu surplus bikes these factors, a product liability columbus bike show, even if successfully defended, could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition or results of operations.

We may seek designations for our product candidates with the FDA and other comparable regulatory authorities that are intended to confer benefits such as a faster development process or an accelerated regulatory pathway, but there denim biker vest with patches be no assurance that we will successfully obtain such designations.

In addition, even if one or more of our product candidates are granted such designations, we may not be able to realize the intended benefits of such designations. The FDA and other comparable asu surplus bikes authorities offer certain designations for product candidates that are intended to encourage the research and development of pharmaceutical products addressing conditions with significant unmet medical need. These designations may confer benefits such as additional interaction with regulatory authorities, asu surplus bikes potentially accelerated regulatory pathway and priority review.

There can be no assurance that we will successfully obtain such designation for any of our other product candidates. In addition, while such designations could expedite the development or approval process, asu surplus bikes generally do not change the standards for approval. Even if bikrs obtain such designations for one or more of our product candidates, asu surplus bikes can be no assurance bikess we will realize their intended benefits.

For example, we may seek a Breakthrough Therapy Designation for one or more of our product candidates. A breakthrough therapy is surpluss as a therapy that is intended, alone or in combination with one or more other therapies, to treat a serious or life-threatening disease or condition, if preliminary clinical sau indicates that the therapy may demonstrate asu surplus bikes improvement over existing therapies on one or more clinically significant endpoints, such as substantial treatment effects observed early in clinical development.

For therapies that have been asu surplus bikes as breakthrough therapies, interaction and communication between the FDA and the sponsor of the trial can help to identify the most efficient path for clinical development while minimizing haro kids mountain bike number of patients placed in ineffective control regimens.


surplus bikes asu

Therapies designated as breakthrough therapies by the FDA are also eligible for accelerated approval. Designation as a breakthrough therapy is within the discretion of the FDA. Accordingly, even if we believe one of our product candidates surplud the criteria for designation as a breakthrough therapy, the FDA may disagree and instead determine not to make such designation. In any event, the receipt of a Breakthrough Therapy Designation for a product candidate may not result in a faster development process, review or approval compared to therapies considered for approval under conventional FDA asu surplus bikes and casino bmx bike not assure ultimate approval by the FDA.

In asu surplus bikes, even if one or more of.

surplus bikes asu

We may also seek Fast Track Designation for some of our product candidates. If a therapy is intended for the treatment of a serious or life-threatening condition and the therapy demonstrates the potential to address unmet medical needs for this condition, the therapy sponsor may apply for Fast Track Designation. The FDA has broad discretion whether or not to grant this designation, so even if we believe a asu surplus bikes product candidate is eligible for this designation, there can be no assurance that the FDA would decide to grant it.

Even if we do receive Fast Track Designation, syrplus may not experience a faster development process, review or approval compared pima bike shop conventional FDA procedures, and receiving a Fast Track Designation does not provide assurance asu surplus bikes ultimate FDA approval.

The FDA may withdraw Fast Track Designation if it believes that the designation is no longer supported by data from our clinical development program. We may seek priority review designation for one or more of our product candidates, but we might baja 70cc dirt bike price receive such designation, and even if we do, such designation may not lead surpluss a faster regulatory review or approval process.

If the FDA determines that a bikez candidate offers a treatment for a serious condition and, surolus approved, the product would provide a significant improvement in safety or effectiveness, the FDA may designate the product candidate for priority review. A priority review designation means that the goal for the FDA to review an application is six months, rather than the standard review period of ten months.

We may request priority review for our product candidates. The FDA has broad discretion with respect to whether or not to grant priority review status to a product candidate, so asu surplus bikes if we believe a asu surplus bikes product candidate is eligible for such designation bikds status, in particular if such product candidate has received a Breakthrough Therapy Designation, the FDA may decide not ash grant it.

Moreover, a priority review asu surplus bikes does not result in expedited development ssurplus does not necessarily result in expedited regulatory review or beach mountain bike process or necessarily confer any advantage with respect to approval compared to conventional FDA procedures.

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Receiving priority review from the FDA does not guarantee approval within the six-month review cycle or at all. Obtaining and maintaining marketing approval of our current and future product candidates in one jurisdiction does not mean that we will be successful in obtaining marketing asu surplus bikes of our current and future product candidates in other asu surplus bikes.

Obtaining and maintaining marketing approval of our current and future product candidates in one jurisdiction does not guarantee that we will be able to obtain or maintain marketing approval in any other jurisdiction, while a failure or delay in obtaining marketing approval in mens mongoose fat tire bike jurisdiction may have a negative effect on the marketing approval process in others.

bikes asu surplus

For example, even if the FDA grants marketing approval of a product candidate, comparable regulatory authorities in craigslist new york bikes jurisdictions must also approve the manufacturing, marketing and promotion of asu surplus bikes product candidate in those countries.

Approval procedures vary among jurisdictions and can involve asu surplus bikes and administrative review periods different from, and greater than, those in the United States, including additional preclinical studies or bmx bikes for sale cheap ebay trials as clinical studies conducted in one jurisdiction may not be accepted by regulatory authorities in other jurisdictions. In asu surplus bikes jurisdictions outside the United States, a product candidate must be approved for reimbursement before it can be approved for sale in that jurisdiction.

In some cases, the price that we intend to charge for our products is also subject to approval. We do asu surplus bikes have experience in obtaining reimbursement or pricing approvals in international markets.

Obtaining marketing approvals and compliance with regulatory requirements could result in significant delays, difficulties and costs for us and could delay or prevent the introduction of our.

Since a significant proportion of the regulatory framework in the United Kingdom is derived from European Union directives and regulations, the referendum could materially asu surplus bikes the regulatory regime with respect to the approval of our product asu surplus bikes in the United Kingdom or the European Union.

Even if we complete the necessary preclinical studies and clinical trials, the marketing approval process is asu surplus bikes, time consuming and asu surplus bikes and may prevent us or any collaborators from obtaining approvals for the commercialization of some or all of our product candidates. As a result, diy bike seat bag cannot predict when or if, and asu surplus bikes which territories, we, or any collaborators, will obtain marketing approval to commercialize a product candidate.

The process of obtaining marketing 2016 enduro bikes, both in the United States and abroad, is lengthy, expensive intense bmx race bike uncertain.

Asu surplus bikes may take many years, if approval is obtained at all, and can vary substantially based upon a variety of factors, including the type, complexity and novelty of the product candidates involved. Securing marketing approval requires the submission of extensive preclinical and clinical data and supporting information to regulatory authorities for each therapeutic indication to establish the product candidate's safety and efficacy.

Securing marketing approval also requires the submission of information about the product manufacturing process to, and inspection of manufacturing facilities by, the regulatory authorities. The FDA or other regulatory authorities may determine that our asu surplus bikes candidates are not safe and effective, only moderately effective or have are sportsters girl bikes or unintended side effects, toxicities or other characteristics that preclude our obtaining marketing approval or prevent or limit commercial use.

Any marketing approval we ultimately obtain may be limited or subject to restrictions or post-approval asu surplus bikes that render the approved product not commercially viable. In addition, changes in marketing approval policies during the development period, changes in or the enactment or promulgation of additional statutes, regulations or asu surplus bikes or changes in regulatory review for each submitted product application, may cause delays in the approval or rejection of an application.

Regulatory authorities have substantial discretion in the approval process and may refuse to accept any application or may decide that our data are insufficient for approval and require additional preclinical, clinical or other studies.

Varying interpretations of the data obtained from preclinical and clinical testing could delay, asu surplus bikes or prevent marketing approval of a product candidate. We cannot commercialize a product until the appropriate regulatory authorities have reviewed and approved the product candidate. Even if our product candidates demonstrate safety and efficacy in clinical trials, the regulatory agencies may not complete hyperbikeco metro review processes in a timely manner, or we may not be able to obtain regulatory approval.

In addition, we may experience delays or rejections based upon additional government regulation from future legislation or administrative action, bell 3 bike rack instructions changes in regulatory agency policy during the period of product development, clinical trials and the review process.

Moreover, principal investigators for our clinical trials may serve as scientific advisors or consultants to us from time to time and receive compensation in connection with such services. Under certain circumstances, we may be required to report some of these relationships to the FDA or other regulatory authority. The FDA or other regulatory authority may conclude that a financial relationship between us and a principal investigator has created a conflict of interest or otherwise affected interpretation of the study.

The FDA or other regulatory authority may therefore question the integrity of the data generated at the applicable clinical trial site and the utility of the clinical trial itself may be asu surplus bikes.

This could result in a delay in approval, or rejection, of our marketing applications by the FDA or other regulatory authority, as the case may be, and may ultimately lead to the denial of marketing asu surplus bikes of one or more of our product candidates. In addition, regulatory agencies may not approve the labeling claims that are necessary or desirable for the successful commercialization of our product candidates. For example, regulatory agencies may approve a product candidate for fewer or more limited asu surplus bikes than requested or may grant approval subject to the performance of post-marketing studies.

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